20 Recycling Light Designs

When it comes time to choose a light design, there are a lot of sources to find a good one. More than ever, you have a choice when it comes to light fixtures, lamps, and even canned or recessed lighting when planning out the interior design of your home. There are tons of ideas that […]

How to decorate a bedroom with black walls

Black is not a very common color to be found in most interior decors, especially when it comes to wall colors and especially in bedrooms. But, even so, black can be a very beautiful and bold accent color. There are lots of ways in which you can use black bedroom walls in the décor and […]

How To Create An Amazing Walkout Basement

Basements are great for a lot of reasons. They offer extra space for storage, they offer a great storm shelter if built correctly, and they can even be transformed into something spectacular. One of those things is a walkout basement. Image from Taggart Construction A walkout basement isn’t always possible in a home, but if […]

How To Wire A Doorbell And Remove An Old One

As long as they’ve been around, doorbells are still a popular way for guests to alert homeowners that they are at the door. Especially in larger homes when a knock just won’t do it. But how does one install a doorbell?  Installing a new doorbell isn’t all that easy, but there are options that make […]

20 Stylish and Unique Tray Ceilings For Any Room

Tray ceilings add depth and style to a room in a surprising and freeing way. We’re so used to ceilings that are simply functional rather than adding style that we forget this area of a room can have detail and design-worth just as much as the colors or furniture inside. We’re sharing 20 stylish and […]

Lounge Around in These Roomy Oversized Outdoor Patio Chairs

Shopping for oversized outdoor chairs should never be a chore, because we all love to own nice things and like to take pride in how we’ve decorated outdoor space. When you’re looking for an oversized outdoor chair, you need to consider the common principles that are applied to choosing just about any piece of outdoor […]

Create The Perfect Cactus Landscape With These Gorgeous Cacti

People who add tulips and roses to their yards aren’t generally questioned, but those who decide cactuses are for them sometimes get a bad rep. But that really shouldn’t be, cacti can be wonderful plants if you give them a chance. For one, they are one of the most beautiful and hearty plants for a […]

Pit Boss Wood Pellet Grills to Make Your Grilling Experience Better

Summer is just right around the corner and all we can think of is BBQ food. Wood pellet grills can give amazing flavor to any food, from meats to vegetables. In this guide, we’ll be specifically focusing on Pit Boss, because they have some of the best wood pellet grills on the market. Even if […]

How To Decorate With Brown – 10 Simple And Inspiring Ideas

Brown is a color that we’re very familiar with. It’s the color of the earth and of the tree trunks and we associate it with warmth and comfort. Basically every home has shades of brown in its interior design, whether it’s a faint ivory on the walls, dark brown on the floors or beige on […]