VIDEO: What is Impact Production?

  As co-editors of the Video for Change Impact Toolkit and, more recently, convenors of the Environmental Impact Lab, EngageMedia is often asked questions about how films can create social impact. In this video, the three seasoned mentors of the Impact Lab explain what impact production is, and why it is important for filmmakers and […]

Creating impact should never be an afterthought: An interview on impact production

At the first Video for Change Environmental Impact Lab, filmmakers and video initiatives learn from three mentors how their films can better create impact. The mentors share their experiences in the video, What is Impact Production?, highlighting the value that impact producers bring to the film production process. In the process of the Impact Lab, […]

How to lose belly fat, according to science.

Reviewed by Helen Kollias, PhD Basics | Advice | Foods | Exercises | Psychology | Supplements | Pregnancy Before we tell you how to lose belly fat, we’d like to say this: There’s nothing wrong with belly fat. In fact, in many cultures, it’s desirable to have some extra squish. Certainly, at various points in […]

What Are BCAAs—and Are They Worth It?

Definition | Do they work? | BCAAs vs whey | BCAAs vs. EAAs | BCAAs vs food | Bottom line “Get ripped with BCAAs,” says the company that sells them. “I took BCAAs and had way more gains,” says guy at the gym. “Taking BCAAs twice a day helps recovery,” says fit human on Twitter. […]

Environmental Impact Lab Round 1: 3 months of learning ‘focused, purposeful’ impact production

The first round of the Environmental Impact Lab ended in a celebration, where participants shared how they will incorporate the Lab’s learnings to their respective projects. After three months of inspiring workshops, training, and masterclasses on impact production, EngageMedia’s first Video for Change Environmental Impact Lab has officially come to an end. Under the mentorship […]

Health and fitness trackers: Do they help… or hurt?

Every day, Lina wore a ring that continually monitored her heart rate, sleep quality, and activity levels. Most evenings, she excitedly examined its data. “It’s amazing. It changed my life,” she told anyone who asked. “You should totally get one!” Jeron? He was a different story. He, too, used a device to track his sleep. […]

The carnivore diet: Can it really transform your health?

Definition | Basics | Benefits | Downsides | Side Effects | Carnivore Diet Plan | Food List To some, the carnivore diet might sound a bit “out there.” That’s the diet where you sit down to a breakfast of steak and eggs, a lunch of liver and kidney (perhaps accompanied by some beef suet) and […]

Pretty Good Podcast Episode 12: Freedom of Expression Online

EngageMedia sits down with Mong Palatino, Southeast Asia and Oceania editor of the community media website Global Voices, to talk about the threats to freedom of expression on the internet. Most importantly, we ask Mong: Is the internet still a safe space for us to freely express ourselves?   Listen to the Podcast   Watch […]