Nearly everyone in America has a bed to sleep on at night. Most of those beds have mattresses handpicked by those sleeping on them. But if you are in the market for a new mattress, you probably need to know what size to get.

queen size bed dimensions in feet

A queen-sized mattress is the most common type of mattress in America and most other countries. It offers the best of both worlds when it comes to size and pricing. So there are many reasons that it is so popular. 

Queen Size Bed Dimensions In Feet

A standard queen mattress measures 60 inches which is 5 feet wide. This gives plenty of room for one person and a decent amount of room for two people. This is the smallest bed size you can use for two people comfortably. 

As far as length is concerned, a queen-size mattress is 80 inches or 6 feet 8 inches long. This is the standard length for most adult mattresses, though twin-sized mattresses are five inches shorter as they were made for children. 

How To Find Queen Size Bed Measurements

How To Find Queen Size Bed Measurements

Since bed frames can vary in size, it’s important to find the exact size of your bed frame before getting a mattress. The way you measure a bed frame depends on the type of bed frame you have. But it generally goes like this.

Measure the length and width with a measuring tape. Take about an inch off of each end, which is two inches lengthwise and two inches widthwise. This can vary but two inches is a good standard. 

Metal frame beds need less wiggle room while platform beds can be used either way as long as there isn’t any overhang. After you have your measurements, get whichever bed is the same size or slightly smaller than the space you have. 

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Changes In The Size Of Queen Mattress

It is believed that the queen size bed was invented for Queen Elizabeth I. Though the sizing isn’t mentioned, it can be assumed that it was perfectly fit for a queen, while the king beds were quite different.

The original king-sized beds were actually made to fit whole families or work crews, letting 15 people sleep at once. Yes, queen-sized beds may have been upsized but king-size beds have definitely been downsized. 

The original queen-sized beds were called double beds and they were 54x74inches which is what a full-sized bed is today. Only at that time, they were meant for couples. Today, the queen-sized bed is a little larger. 

A 60x80in bed is the standard queen bed and it makes up 50% of beds in America. But they used to make up more. This is because king beds are slowly taking over with people wanting more space, they now make up 25% (counting both king and California king).

Other Mattress Sizes

Other Mattress Sizes

If you aren’t sure that queen-sized mattresses are right for you, check out this list of mattress sizes and how big each one is. You may be surprised to find out that you don’t need as big of a mattress as you thought.

Small Single

A small single bed is the same size as a cot. They are usually 30” by 75” which is like a queen-sized bed cut in half. If you don’t have a lot of room or want to make the most of your child’s space, this is perfect.

They are also often used when camping or in the military. You can fit a lot of this size of bed in a small space for a lot of people to sleep in. The amount of beds is doubled if you turn them into bunk beds.


The twin-sized bed is 38” by 75” and is much more comfortable than a small single bed. They are still small and easy to move around but there is plenty of room for one person on a standard twin-sized bed.

Twin-sized beds are the most common bed size for children and teenagers alike. They offer more open space than a full-sized bed and will please almost anyone who is sleeping alone, though it is too small for two people. 

Twin XL

The twin XL bed is not wider than a twin but it is longer 38” by 80”. It was made for two reasons. The first reason was that people who were over 6-ft tall had trouble with the 75″ beds when they want to stretch out.

The other reason affects even shorter people because the shorter beds didn’t leave room at the end for pets. Especially larger pets. But that extra five inches is just enough to let most pets sleep comfortably on the end. 


The full-sized bed is actually a traditionally sized bed. It is 54” by 75” and is perfect for any single person because there is so much room. And yet, it can still sleep two people occasionally, though not ideal for every night.

That said, it is perfect for single parents who often co-sleep with young children. It has long been the most popular bed size with queen beds recently replacing them. Though the old queen is the new full. 

Full XL

The full XL bed is 54” by 80”. Again, this is just for taller people or those who have pets sleeping at their feet. Otherwise, it really just takes up more room and is more expensive, which is why they are rare.

If you can fit comfortably lengthwise on a standard full, there’s no reason to get the full Xl. However, it can be the difference between a good night’s sleep and a rough one for a tall person or someone close to their pet.


A king-size bed is 76” by 80” and is the first luxury bed available. King-sized beds are ideal for couples who like that extra room. They are almost square in size with only four inches different. Some kings are completely square. 

King-sized beds will give two people plenty of room even if they move around a lot. But they also make great furniture pieces for family movie nights where you can cuddle up with the kids and eat popcorn. 

California King

The California king bed is around 72” by 84”. Although it is narrower than a king bed, it is longer by 4-inches. The California king is often called the largest mattress size on the market and can be purchased at any mattress store.

This works for co-sleeper parents with their children and works for couples who move around in their sleep. It is also the only bed long enough for half of NBA stars as they often reach 7ft tall and standard mattresses won’t work for them. 

Olympic Queen

The Olympic queen bed is 66” by 80” and is only a little bigger than a standard queen-size bed. While other XL mattresses are longer, the larger queen bed is wider. This is ideal for co-sleepers and those who move a lot. 

The Olympic queen is a lot like the king-sized bed only it is ten inches narrower. This is a good compromise if you don’t need a king but feel the queen is too narrower. The Olympic queen is a rare but growing mattress. 

Mattress Types

Mattress Types

There are many different types of mattresses that may or may not affect the size of the mattress. These materials may be combined to create hybrid mattresses that use two or more of these materials. 


An innerspring mattress is a traditional mattress with springs underneath a quilted top. These mattresses are usually quite firm unless combined with a thick pillowtop, which always makes a bed more comfortable. 

Memory Foam

Memory foam mattresses use memory foam that can soften and conform to the shape of your body. They are a fan favorite but aren’t ideal if you prefer something soft and squishy like a cloud or pillowtop. 

Air Mattress

Air mattresses aren’t meant to be permanent beds but instead are made for camping and temporary beds that can deflate and be stored in a small space. This type of mattress uses air to make the bed comfortable. 

Water Bed

A water bed is another more traditional type of bed that uses water to make the bed soft and squishy. However, they are becoming increasingly less popular as other beds replace them. Not to mention the risk of leaks. 

Classic Foam

A classic foam mattress uses traditional foam on top of other materials. Though they can be solid foam that can be rolled up and stored away. They are the only type of bed with a distinct sinking quality. 


Gel mattresses are becoming more popular because they offer cooling qualities. Pair this with something soft and fluffy for a great hybrid mattress that is comfortable, cooling, and offers one of the best nights of sleep. 


Pillowtop mattresses are generally hybrid mattresses. They will have springs or thick foam underneath and a pillow on top. This can create a slight mushroom shape that offers the most comfortable top that you can find.

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Is A Queen-Sized Mattress Right For You?

A queen-sized mattress is probably perfect for you. But there are still a few things to consider. If you are sleeping with a spouse and co-sleeping with a child, it may be too small. The same goes for those over 6′ 6″ as it can be too short.

But if you have only two people in bed or you believe that a full-sized mattress is too small for you, then it will be perfect. It is the best-valued mattress size you can get and can be purchased anywhere that sells mattresses. 

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