Having some greenery around you, even just a little bit, helps to maintain a positive and fresh attitude and also makes the space look lovely. Today we’re going to show you how you can make a super simple Mason jar succulent planter

diy succulent planter

It is in fact very easy project and it only takes a few basic materials. If you like it you can then go ahead and make more of these lovely planters and experiment with different types of jars and different succulents


Materials needed for a DIY succulent planter:

How to make the planter:

Step 1: Put a few white pebbles at the bottom of the jar

Before anything else, we should say that the jar needs to be cleaned beforehand and you should remove any labels or remaining glue if needed. Use some warm water and dish soap to do this. Then let the jar dry and after that take a few of the white pebbles you’ve prepared and make a bottom layer. Don’t add too many white pebbles and leave space for the other layers too.

Step 2: Add a layer of pink pebbles

Use a spoon to add a layer of decorative pebbles on top of the white ones. As before, don’t add too many pebbles but make sure you have a nice even layer. You can choose any color you want. We went with pink to match the ribbon. 

Step 3: Add a layer of black moss on top

The third and final layer is made of black moss. Succulents love moss because it absorbs water quickly but also dries quickly so they don’t rot. It’s also lightweight and it allows them to thrive and grow. 

Step 4: Add the succulents

Now that all the layers are in place you can go ahead and add the succulents. Make little holes for them in the moss using your finger so their roots settle in nicely. You can add a few different succulents inside a jar as long as they’re small and they fit. 

Step 5: Tie a cute bow around the jar

Once your succulents are in place and you’re happy with the arrangement you’ve created, take a piece of silk ribbon and tie a bow around the mouth of the jar. We used pink ribbon that matches the middle layer of decorative pebbles inside the jar. 

Step 6: Trim the ends of the ribbon and display your planter

To complete this project use your scissors to cut off the ends of the ribbon so they’re nice and even. You can cut them at an angle or in an inverted V shape if you want to. Either way, once that is done your cute succulent planter is complete and ready to be displayed. Find a nice spot for it on your desk or on the shelf. You can then repeat the process and make more of these adorable planters. Try using different types of jars and different sizes as well as glass bowls. 


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