Candles make lovely decorations and can instantly change the ambiance in a room from cold to warm and inviting. They can also be displayed in all sorts of beautiful and interesting ways and they can also have various different significances.

decorative candle holder

If you’d like to add more candles to your own home’s decor, here’s a simple way in which that can be done. Follow the tutorial below to find out how to make a decorative candle holder out of simple materials. 

Materials needed to make a decorative candle holder:

Materials needed to make a decorative candle holder:

How to craft a decorative candle holder:

Step 1: Paint the board

Use the cream acrylic paint to apply a nice even coat of paint on the front of the wooden board as well as the edges. A small paintbrush would do since it’s a small board and you need the dexterity to also paint the thin edges. 

Step 1 - How to craft a decorative candle holder

Step 2: Paint over the template using a sponge

Once the creme paint has dried, center the template over the board and then use the sponge and brown acrylic paint to fill the little open spaces in the template. You might want to secure the template to the board to make sure it doesn’t move while you’re applying the paint. 

Step 3: Remove the template to reveal the pattern

When you’re done applying the brown paint and you’re happy with the coverage, go ahead and remove the template. Reveal the beautiful pattern that you’ve created. Now would also be the time to fix any smudges or correct some lines if needed. 

Step 4: Attach the hanger to the back of the board

Next, take your picture hanger and attach it to the back of the board. Place it at the top and center it making sure the board will look level when you hang it up on the wall. You might want to use a tape measure and mark the exact center with a pencil before you do this. 

Step 5: Add a little hook at the top

You should also have a small screw-in hook prepared for this project. Flip the board face up and find the center, then insert the hook into the board at the top. You can leave a bit of space between it and the top edge so it’s framed nicely. 

Step 6: Measure and cut a piece of rope

Take a piece of rope and run it over the little hook at the top, trying to visualize how long it needs to be in order to hole the jar at the right height. You’ll be using this piece of rope to make a hanger for the jar so try to be precise with your measurements. Then cut the rope prepare for the next step. 

Step 7: Glue the rope handle onto the jar

Prepare your hot glue gun a few minutes in advance, then apply two small dots of glue on either side of the jar’s rim or along the top section. Then take the piece of rope that you’ve prepared earlier and glue it onto the jar in these two spots. You’re now adding a hanger to your little candle holder. 

Step 8: Glue a ring of rope around the top of the jar

To make your little jar candle holder look nicer, take another small piece of rope and wrap it around the top section or the mouth of the jar. Then glue it to make a nice rim for the candle holder and cut the excess rope and secure the ends with more glue. 

Step 9: Hang your candle holder

All the pieces are now complete. All you need to do is hang the candle holder from the little hook at the top of the board and then find a good spot to display it all. Whenever you want to change the mood in the room, put a little candle inside the jar and light it up or just use a battery-operated one for safety.

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