I am always looking for ways to spruce up what is already wonderful. To me you cannot get more wonderful then a vase with flowers in it. I adore having fresh blooms in the house. But, there is certainly ways to make the vase part just as appealing as what is inside.

Fall mason jars decorated with twine

There’s lots of beautiful flowers all year round that can be used to fill vases with. Here’s how you can make some fall mason jar crafts that look cute and charming:


Materials needed to craft fall mason jar vases:

Materials needed to craft fall mason jar vases

Using mason jars, any size and number will do. I used 4, with two being the same size and then two other varied-sized ones. I got to work adding some details. This detail came in the form of some twine, silver washers, and a glue gun. That is it! My husband tells me the washers are used to keep screw heads from going into holes. But I am not so sure about that. They make lovely and perfect mason jar accessories. They can be found at any local home improvement store. I used 1-inch size ones.

How to craft these mason jar vases:

Step 1: Wrap some twine around the center of the jar

I began by holding the end of the twine down in the center of the jar, and pressing the hot glue gun down onto it. Leaving a clump large enough to make it be sturdy. And beware, hot glue guns are hot. I know this is an obvious statement, but tell that to my sore thumb with a little blister on it. I repeat, glue gun are hot!

Ok then, once the glue was dry and the twine was staying put I began wrapping the twine around the jar. Maneuvering it around one line at a time. This is really up to personal preference on how many rows. The more rows the thicker and bulkier the outcome will be. The less rows and you get more of a minimalist look when all is said and done. Well as minimalist as mason jars can get.

Step 2: Thread the washer through the twine

Once you have the desired amount of twine wrapped around the jar. Confirm you have stopped in the center of the front of the jar. Where the circular washer will end up. Cut enough of the twine to have it be wrapped around two more times. Then thread the washer through the twine.

Secure it in the center, and then fold the twine back over to the side the twine is looped into the washer. Making the washer attached by one side.

Step 3: Secure the washer with more twine

Hold the washer down while you wrap the remaining twine around the jar bringing it to the front on the other side of the washer.

Then loop the twine through the unsecured side. Making the washer nice and tight in the center of the jar. Bring the leftover twine to the back. Make sure everything is even and where you want it to be. Up to this point you can re arrange things if you need to. Tighten everything up so the washer will not start to dip.

Step 4: Secure the end of the twine with glue

If all is secure and where you want it, use your hot glue gun and glue the end of the twine to the back of the jar. Try not to go overboard on this glue job because it will not be covered up by twine.

Step 5: Repeat as many times as you want

That is it, quick painless and oh so pretty results. Just repeat those steps as many times as you have jars. I varied the amount of twine on each jar, making them all unique. And I also put some slightly higher then others. Also trying to change up the look. But with them all having the same accessories they look like they go together. Have fun with it. Add some sticks or leaves in the washer to add more detailing. Get a beautiful little fall leaf and set it in the washer. Then it is the best accessory to a rustic but contemporary fall table decor.

Step 6: Fill the jars with beautiful fall flowers

The possibilities to utilize the washers to hold things are endless. These turned out so great, them standing alone without any flowers on a shelf would be a great addition to a space. And mason jars are everywhere. I found mine at a secondhand store for $1 each. This is the kind of project anyone can do, go for it!

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