Today I am sharing my first project here at Homedit. I am so excited to be contributing here, and sharing this project is a great way to introduce myself to you all. I created a towel rack and shelf using galvanized pipes. This industrial look is really popular at the moment, and also really easy to recreate in your home.

wall mounted towel rack

You can use this look for many different purposes, depending on what you need. This wall-mounted towel rack can double as a versatile bathroom shelf, giving you endless options to enjoy.

Step 1: The Materials

To begin, I purchased 8 corners galvanized pipes, 8 two-inch pipes, 2 circular plates, 2 T-shaped pipes, two 1.5 inch pipes, 2 pipe plugs, 2 eight-inch pipes, and one coupling to join the two long pipes together. They were all 1/2 inch diameter wide. Also one string of wire. The size of the pipes is really up to your preference, the larger diameter the bulkier it will look.

I also purchased a 6 inch by 4 feet long oak board. The board will be the shelf with a towel bar. Sanding the board to begin is the best way to go. When staining something the surface needs to be roughed up before hand.

Step2: Cut the Board to Length and Prime for Staining

I cut the board down to 23 inches, just under two feet. This was the perfect size for the space needed for me.

The board is sanded and ready to be stained. The sanding was gentle and not a lot. Just enough to allow the stain to adhere to the wood.

Step 3: Staining the Board

Before staining begins be sure to wear gloves. This stains anything, including skin. Also do not stain it where you will be upset is stain gets on the surface. It does drip, so don’t do it inside or on anything you don’t mind getting stained too.

I use a soft cloth, dip it in the stain can. Wring it out, allowing the excess to get out. Making sure the dripping happens before it goes on the board. If it drips on the board it will leave drip lines. If you do get drip lines, wipe one side to the other to wipe out the dripping.

Then running the cloth along the grain of the wood. In this case side to side. Keep it even, and continue spreading the stain until there is nothing left on your rag. Dip in and repeat until the whole surface is covered.

With some of the last swipes be sure to wipe from side to side along the whole surface. This allows no brush strokes or lines to show. Even out the grain and lines of the wood. Letting them, instead of your wipe marks show.

I ended up doing two coats of this when everything was said and done. The wait time before it is dry differs from specific stains. But it will feel slightly sticky if it is not dry.

I used a stain I had in my garage, a dark chestnut for this.

Step 4: Paint your Pipes (optional)

While I was waiting for the stain to dry I spray painted the galvanized pipes. They usually come in a silver, or splotched gray. I prefer the darker contrast of the wood with black pipes for that industrial look to our pipe wall shelf. I simply spray the paint a few inches away from the pipes. Not getting too close or going too fast. If either is done you will get running paint. Take your time, spread it evenly. You will need to do at least two coats to insure all is covered.

Step 5: Connecting the Pipes

Now time to build this rack. The pipes are really simple to connect. It is as simple as screwing them into each other using the already there grooves.

Step 6: Drill Holes for Pipes to go through Wood

Here is the next step, my plan was to have the pipes go through the wood. And then attaching it to the wall from the top. Just giving a different visual then most industrial towel racks I have seen.

Tracing the pipes, making sure they are situated evenly and symmetrical on the board. This is the exact location this will all be. So once the holes are drilled the shelf will be set in that way. No pressure. Take your time, measure, check all sides to confirm all even.

Using a drill with a hole drill bit. Using the one that is 1/2 inch in diameter to match the pipes. Secure the board and push the drill down in, slowly but surely it will get done.

Now the hole can have the pipes go through it.

Perfect fit!

Step 7: Putting it all Together

With the holes done, it is time to screw it all in, making sure it is all tight. To make the shelf as functional and safe as possible. This is the home stretch now.

Step 8: Add Wire Detailing

This is the last little bit, and a portion that is not needed to create this shelf. I added it to create a little more visual. Taking these two pipe plugs and drilling a hole into the bottom of them. These will be screwed into the top front pipes, and then a cable will run through them.

I secured these and slowly pushed the drill in. Taking my time, but pushing through.

The hole is ready to have the wire into it. Line up the plug onto the wire.

Using pliers bend the wire into knots on the inside. To insure the plug or the wire will not move or come loose.

Then screw in the plug into the corner pipe, measure the wire and cut it. Giving enough slack to tie up the other end.

Step 9: Attach to your Wall

The assembly portion of this project is done. Time to hang it up and put it to use.

Using the provided holes in the base, screw it into the wall to create your wall mounted towel rack. If there is no stud to attach to using a drywall anchor will make this sturdy enough to not come out of the wall. With the galvanized pipes this is a heavy piece. And then, it is done!

Once the screws were put in I used some black paint to touch up the screws. Making them blend into the pipes. You can also spray paint them beforehand.

This industrial trend and using wood with galvanized pipes is a great way to warm up a space. It also is a really easy trend to create yourself. I simply went to my local home improvement store and they have everything there. I am thinking this is not what these pipes were originally created for. But, they now have a new and improved use.

This pipe wall shelf is extremely versatile and offers a unique addition to your bathroom. Using the pipe feature as a wall-mounted towel rack and the oak board as an additional bathroom shelf, you can create a trendy industrial style towel rack shelf with your own two hands! 

Give it a try, create what works for you and your space! 

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