The kitchen island is a must-have in most homes. Even though being able to incorporate it into the décor means that you need to have a kitchen that’s large enough to accommodate it without problems, this restriction doesn’t go as far as that.

Multifunctional Kitchen Islands With Seating
A very beautiful island with a minimalist, contemporary design

The great thing about kitchens islands is that they’re usually multifunctional. A kitchen island can be a great prep area, especially if it has a built-in sink. But the versatility doesn’t stop here. You can also use the kitchen island as a bar or breakfast area.

Kitchen islands come in all shapes and sizes and are the perfect solution for open-plan living spaces. When building an island, we always recommend adding a good amount of space around the sides to ensure there is still room for people to pass by even while you are seated at the island.

Islands are something that a high percentage of homeowners today expect to see when buying a new home, so it’s a worthwhile feature to add to any kitchen. As far as seating, we encourage you to leave about 10 inches between your knees and the bottom of the counter to ensure you can sit comfortably at the island. Let’s take a look at some of the top kitchen island design ideas you could add to your home.

40 Ways to Add a Kitchen Island with Seating to Your Home

1. Add an Extendable Feature to a Kitchen Island

A kitchen island can be both small and functional if it has the right design

This is the case of those kitchen islands that have seating. By that, we mean that they either have an extendable feature that allows them to be used as a table/desk/bar or that they have a design that allows them to be used as such. Some kitchen islands are a combination between a workspace and a table and they become a sort of hybrid with eye-catching shapes and designs. We have prepared a selection of images of kitchen islands that respect all these criteria.

2. An Elegant Kitchen Table

This is an elegant kitchen island that also serves as a table

3. A Compact Island with a Built-In Sink

Here’s another version of a compact island with a built-in sink and seating

4. A Hybrid Kitchen Island

A hybrid kitchen island with a table extension on one side

5. A Minimalist Contemporary Island

A very beautiful island with a minimalist, contemporary design

6. A Kitchen Island with a Prep Area

A kitchen island that’s a prep area on one side and a table/bar on the other

7. A Kitchen Island Which Doubles Up As a Dining Table

A long kitchen island can also become a dining table for casual guests

8. Add Storage to a Kitchen Island

Kitchen island with storage on one end and a breakfast space on the other

9. A Multifunctional Kitchen Island

Another version of a multifunctional kitchen island, featuring sleek bar stools

10. A Small Kitchen Island

A small kitchen island with a rounded top and room for three

11. A Versatile Large Kitchen Island

A large kitchen island can be even more versatile as it can also include lots of storage space

12. A Bar and Table

In a home with an open floor plan, the kitchen island often serves as a bar/table

13. A Compact Kitchen Island

This compact kitchen island nicely combines storage with seating

14. A Two Level Kitchen Island

A more complex kitchen island featuring two levels, one for each type of activities

15. Use Your Kitchen Island as a Table

It’s common for the kitchen island to become a table in both traditional and modern homes

16. Have the Prep Area on a Different Level

To differentiate the different areas, the prep space is a different level

17. Hide the Stools Underneath the Kitchen Island

This design is both multifunctional and space-efficient as the stools can be hidden inside the island

18. A Kitchen Island Near Your Garden

Such designs are suitable for open-space designs or kitchens that open onto the exterior

19. A Table Extension Perpendicular To The Island

The extension can be perpendicular to the island and serve as a table

20. Add Bar Stools on One Side

Or the island can double as a bar, with bar stools on one side

21. A Practical Yet Attractive Island Design

This combo is practical and attractive in a lot of different configurations

22. Choose Contrasting Tables and Chairs

The contrast between the table and the chairs makes the whole décor pop

23. A Black Kitchen Island

Because of the black details, the island seating is not invasive at all

24. Match Bar Stools to the Counter

For a cohesive look, match the bar stools to the counter

25. Add Plenty of Storage to Your Island

Make the most of your island by also including plenty of storage

26. Make the Table a Separate Extension

The bar or table can be a separate extension, offering the island its independence

27. Choose the Right Height for Your Counter and Stools

In order for this combination to work, the height of the counter and stools has to be just right

28. Make Your Kitchen Island Wider

An option is to make the island counter wider to include extra seating

29. Match Your Island to Your Floor and Accent Wall

The island matches the floor and the accent wall which is an interesting approach

30. An Open Plan Kitchen

Kitchen islands with seating are usually seen in open floor plans

31. Include An Island in a Separate Kitchen

Yet this doesn’t mean separate kitchens can’t include them as well

32. Match the Stools to the Ground

The bar stools almost look like they’re growing out of the floor, being an organic part of it

33. Add a Kitchen Island to a Small Room

Even smaller settings can adopt this type of design, making it work

34. Match the Stools to the Pendant Lamps

By matching the stools to the pendant lamps, you make the space look more natural

35. A Casual Yet Chic Kitchen Island

This is a very casual but also very chic design where everything is perfectly chosen

36. Add a Kitchen to a High Ceilinged Room

The high ceiling takes away from the robustness of the large island

37. Create the Distinction Between The Extension and the Counter

The island extension here is slightly higher than the counter, creating a clear distinction

38. Porcelain Tile Kitchen Island

The blue and white design of this porcelain kitchen island creates a classy addition to any large kitchen

39. A Wooden Kitchen Island

A wooden kitchen island helps to create a cozy look and feel in a more traditional home

40. A Marble Kitchen Island

A marble kitchen island will look great in any modern home and creates a solid surface for preparing food on

But the shape and the design are elements that always differ. What’s important for a kitchen island with seating is to be a perfect combination of functionality and versatility. This means it needs to have built-in storage spaces, to fit into the room properly, even when it’s expanded, and to allow you to use for a variety of activities, such as prepping, having breakfast, working, etc. A kitchen island is an excellent addition to anyone’s home and somewhere you and your family will love spending time together.

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