Beautiful home decorations don’t need to be expensive or complicated and, in fact, it’s the ones that you craft yourself that are the most meaningful and have most character. Today we’re going to show you how you can make a lovely wall decoration using some very simple materials. Like with every DIY project, you can customize and personalize in order to make it your own. 

Wooden beads decor

Materials you’ll need to craft a wooden beads decor:

How to make the wooden beads wall hanging decor:

Step 1: Thread 5 beads onto a skewer and paint them blue

Take a wooden skewer (or stick) and thread five wooden beads on it. This will help you paint them without leaving marks and without making a mess. Take your paintbrush and paint the beads blue, then suspend the skewer on top of a bowl and allow them to dry. 

Step 1: Thread 5 beads onto a skewer and paint them blue

Step 2: Paint seven beads terracotta red

Using the same technique as before, take another seven wooden beads, thread them onto a skewer and paint them, this time using the terrace red acrylic paint. Set them aside and allow them to dry.

Step 3: Paint seven beads white

Finally, repeat the same process to make seven white beads. The number of beads in each color can differ so you don’t necessarily have to stick with these particular numbers. You can choose to include more beads in a particular color if you want to or to use the same number for each color. Also, you can use more than 3 colors. 

Step 4: Cut five pieces of macrame yarn

Measure and cut five pieces of macrame yarn and fold each one in half. When folded in half they should be slightly longer than you want each strand of beads to be when attached to the loop. Try to picture the design in your mind before cutting the yarn. 

Step 5: Tie the yarn onto the loop

Take the yarn pieces you’re prepared and tie them around the loop using a simple knot. Line them up along the bottom section of the loop and let them dangle making sure the strands don’t get tangled up. 

Step 6: Combine all the beads in a bowl

By now all the paint should be dry and you can take the beads off the skewers and combine them all in a small bowl or container or just put them in a small pile on your work surface. Take the rest of the unpainted wooden beads and put them in a separate bowl or in another pile. 

Step 7: Thread the yarn through the needle two strands at a time, then add the beads

Using the needle threader, thread the yarn through the needle two strands at a time as they’re arranged along the loop. This can be quite tricky so take your time and be patient about it. Once you’ve succeeded thread a few beads onto the yarn in any order you want. You can mix and match the colors in any proportions you like. 

Step 8: Continue with the rest of the strands

Using the same technique, thread more beads onto the rest of the yarn strands until you’re done with all seven. You can make these beads strands have different lengths in order to create a pattern. For example, the one in the center can be the longest and the others can get shorter and shorter gradually. After you’re done with a strand, tie a knot at the bottom so the beads don’t slip off. 

Step 9: Cut the excess yarn

Next, take the scissors and trim the ends of the yarn. You can cut them so they all have the same length or you can follow the same pattern as you did with the beads. After that, the project is complete. 

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