Looking for something cute to do with glitter? There are quite a few interesting ways in which you can use it in some really nice DIY projects. One idea that we really like is to use glitter to decorate a small vase.

DIY Glitter Flower

It can be any old vase that you already own or it can even be some other sort of container which could be used as a vase. Here’s how you can give it a quick makeover using glitter:

Materials needed to make a glitter vase: 

How to make a glitter vase: step by step tutorial

Step 1: Wrap a piece of tape around the middle of the vase

First things first: decide what pattern you want to create on the vase. If you choose a simple striped pattern like the one we chose here, this whole project is super simple really. Tape a piece of tape and wrap it around the middle of the vase. This will basically divide the vase into three sections, one of which will be covered up by the tape.

Step 2: Coat the bottom of the vase with glue

After you’re done applying the tape, take your paintbrush, dip it in textile glue and apply a coat to the bottom section of the vase. There’s no need to put glue on the actual underside of the vase since it won’t be visible but make sure to spread the glue evenly on the other sides and all the way down. 

Step 3: Sprinkle pink glitter onto the glue

Once you’ve coated this section of the vase with glue, take your pink glitter and sprinkle it on top of the glue. Add a bit at a time until you’ve covered up all four sides and make sure it also sticks to the edges of the vase. If your vase has rounded edges that makes things easier. 

Step 4: Repeat if needed

You’ll probably want to add another coat of glue and add more glitter so it covers up the vase more evenly. In that case just apply more glue on top of the pink glitter that’s already stuck to the vase, then sprinkle more glitter. This will give you a full effect and will allow you to cover up any empty spots or sections that you missed the first time. 

Step 5: Coat the top section with glue

Now what you need to do is repeat the same process for the bottom section of the vase. Apply a coat of glue, then sprinkle some silver glitter on top and repeat these steps if necessary. You might not want the mouth of the vase to be covered in glitter in which case it might be worth covering up this section with tape. Alternatively, just make sure you don’t put any glue on it.

Step 6: Remove the tape

All that’s left to do now is remove the tape around the middle of the vase. Pull it gently and try to not damage the glitter. There’s probably some glue and glitter stuck to the tape in which case you might need to remove it in sections. Once you’ve removed all the tape, the project is all done. Enjoy your new glitter vase!


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