Moroccan lanterns are always so rich and intricate and they give out a warm glow that can make any space feel welcoming. Their designs, the materials they’re made from and the colors they feature range from simple and common to unusual and themed. Discover how you can use these beautiful accessories to beat the winter blues and to give your home a welcoming look.

Use Moroccan pendant lamps in pairs or in sets. They look better when they’re grouped up and this is also an opportunity for you to mix and match different shapes and designs.

If you want a Moroccan-themed décor for one of the rooms, create a color scheme and go with it. The lanterns can feature colors that are also found elsewhere in the room for a cohesive look.

Moroccan lanterns and pendant lamps are versatile and can be used in pretty much any room of the house. They look really beautiful in bedrooms where their warm glow gives the space a comfortable and intimate feel.

In the kitchen, you can opt for some of these rustic metal lamps. They’ll pair well with wooden cabinets or countertops.

These exotic lanterns are also great for patios or for your front door décor. They’ll serve as focal point in an area where it’s difficult to attract attention with color.

And speaking of color, a lot of Moroccan lanterns feature stained glass. There are two ways in which to include them in a room’s décor. You can either focus on contrast and allow them to stand out or you can use rich colors on the walls, floor or throughout the room in which case the lanterns will naturally fit in.

If you want to add a warm, rich glow to your bathroom, opt for a Moroccan lamp that projects light and plays with shadows creating a beautiful pattern on the walls and ceiling.

If you decide to display the lanterns in collections or in groups, you can combine different shapes, sizes, colors and designs. The lanterns can reflect the décor below them.

A single Moroccan lantern or pendant lamp can be an accent piece for a simple bedroom décor that also includes a few vintage pieces of furniture.

And then, of course, there’s also the option to make the lanterns yourself and to customize them however you so they look perfect in your home. You can use old glass jars, glass paint, a paintbrush, wire and gold dimensional puff paint to create these beautiful accessories. {found on designsponge}.

A Moroccan hanging lantern is a lovely way of adding some color to space and making it feel more lively and more inviting. This one has beautiful amethyst accents in its design, with a bit of magenta and an intricate geometric pattern. These details give its character up close without complicating the design. Moreover, you can hang this lantern by World Menagerie in lots of different types of spaces and turn it into an accent piece effortlessly. 

The Bungalow Rose lantern has an eclectic design that wonderfully blends both modern and traditional accents. This allows it to be more versatile compared to other Moroccan lanterns. It’s easy to envision it in a variety of different decors. For example, it can sit casually on a side table next to a living room sofa but it can just as well add flair to a retro or a bohemian bedroom. 

This charming lantern comes with a stand so you can display it on tables, nightstands and shelves. It can also be used as a regular hanging lantern if, for instance, you’d like to add it as an accessory or a decoration hanging from the ceiling. Its design is delicate and intricate so it’s best experienced from up close. If you’re planning on bringing this lovely lamp from Bungalow Rose into your home decor, keep in mind its dimensions: 13”H x 5.5”W.


A Moroccan lantern like this one by World Menagerie can make a wonderful statement piece. It’s as much a source of light as it is a decorative piece and a work of art. The distressed metal finish on the frame gives it a really authentic look and it beautifully complemented by the warm amber tones of the glass panels. 

Moroccan lanterns are best enjoyed when there’s several of them grouped together because they enhance each other’s beauty and as well as their impact on the decor and ambiance of the space around them. These lanterns by Bungalow Rose come in sets of two, a perfect starting point for creating your own wonderful collection. 

There’s also lots of gorgeous Moroccan lanterns that are designed for outdoor spaces. For instance, the Maggift lanterns come in pairs of two are designed to use solar energy which they accumulate during the day and use at night. They turn on automatically at dusk and they also turn off at dawn to save energy. The design is based on traditional patterns but has a modern overall vibe. 

If you’re thinking of adding some Moroccan vibes to your home the Lights4fun set is a great choice overall. It’s a set of three lanterns with identical designs except for the color of the decorative glass panels. Each lantern works with a battery-operated LED candle. They’re designed to provide subtle ambient lighting and to imitate real flames without posing any risks. Pair all three lanterns together or spread them out. 

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