There are so many things to love about French country decorating. Even if your personal style leans in a different direction, you can find things to appreciate. The colors, the textures, the luxury, it all comes together in a perfect scene that makes you feel like you stepped into a peaceful French chalet. So if that’s the feeling you get, why not make sure that your bedroom is as French country decorated as your living room? Here are 20 tips for creating the most relaxing French country bedroom ever, effectively designing a space you will never want to leave.

How To Create The Best French Bedroom

1. Find The Perfect Rug

As you would in any room you’re decorating, start from the ground up. Find yourself a nice classically floral rug that will give you lots of neutral tones and roses and a place to set your slippers. (via The romantic tourist)

2. Have A Grand Headboard

No matter how big your bedroom is, your bed will be the primary piece of furniture. So when you’re designing a French country bedroom, you want to be sure that your headboard is as large and grand and scrawly as you can stand. A nice cushioned or tufted headboard helps for all those Saturday mornings you want to be lazy with your book and classy orange juice. (via Cottage Chic)

3. Add Linen Furniture

If you have space for furniture besides your bed and dresser, opt for something rigged out in a lovely linen fabric, tufted of course. Because you can’t find a French country bedroom without a tufted chair or bench. (via Thistlewood Farm)

4. Ensure Your Fabrics Are Long

And speaking of linens, you’ll want to be sure that you add a few inches on whatever linens you’re buying for the space. Whether it’s the dainty white curtains or the delicate bedskirt, the fabric should be dusting the floor like a proper French country bedroom. (via BHG)

5. Design A Space To Relax

Got an empty corner in your bedroom? Fill it with a comfy chair swathed in soft sand colored linen. The French pride themselves on taking time to relax and get away so it seems fitting to dedicate a corner to practicing the art of relaxation.

6. Include White Washed Wood 

You’ll see a bit of whitewashed wood when you look at French country decorating. That’s the country vibes coming through. Add a touch to your bedroom by whitewashing a wooden piece of furniture or go all out and whitewash your floor or ceiling. (via The DIY Mommy)

7. Scour For Antique Furniture

One of the best parts about French country decor is the ability to make the vintage piece with the chippiest paint blend in. Head to your local antique store for that necessary piece of furniture and choose something old and worn around the edges. {found on Dreamywhites}.

8. Don’t Be Afraid To Stock Up On Throw Pillows

Bedrooms are in need of lots and lots of throw pillows, any place that you sit or lay or rest for even a minute. Stock up on linen pillow covers because you’re French country bedroom is going to need them. (via @brittanyork)

9. Hang Metallic Pieces

When it comes to hanging things on the wall in your French country bedroom, you definitely opt for all the scrawly metallic things you can find. Those gilded framed mirrors? Accepted. The large scrawly framed painting? Done. Let your inner luxury lover go all out on your bedroom walls. (via Edith and Evelyn)

10. Install A Chandelier 

Last but certainly not least, your French country bedroom will need a sparkling chandelier. Every good French country decorated room has one so don’t let your bedroom feel left out. Whether it’s tall and lean or short and squat, those hanging crystals will make a big difference. (via Lynzy and Co.)

11. Use Wallpaper

Although most people don’t tend to use wallpaper anymore, it really can take your French bedroom to the next level. Look for wallpaper that is pale and light, and maybe even European themed if you can find it. And don’t be afraid to try a unique or floral print! For more wallpaper ideas, check out this feature on Decor Pad.

12. Embrace Rounded Furniture

Adding rounded furniture to your decor will keep you feeling luxurious and your room looking authentically French. Headboards are often easy to find in the rounded shape, but you can also find chairs, tables, and couches as well. These pieces are often the easiest to acquire when purchased second-hand or from antique dealers. La Maison Boutique showcases some amazing rounded pieces in their examples of French bedrooms. 

13. Stick With White Walls

If you decide that wallpaper isn’t quite your style, then it’s best to leave the walls completely white. Or maybe refresh them with a new coat of white paint. This way the decorations you are hanging, and the antique furniture you are collecting will really be the focal of the room. Of course, there are quite a few options when it comes to selecting white paint, so follow this guide by Real Homes on painting with a period look in mind.

14. Consider A Boudoir

For rooms without a closet, or for those needing extra space to store their wardrobe, a boudoir will make the perfect addition to your French bedroom like the ones featured in L’Essenziale. Boudoirs are great because they are like a blank slate, you can paint or refurbish one as needed to suit the style you are already aiming for in your room. It’s also easy to hang a mirror inside the door and add drawers or shelves to suit your storage style.

15. Refurbish Old Beams And Walls

Old beams and walls are usually considered unsightly, but they may actually be just what your room needs. Instead of trying to cover these features up, paint them to match the decor of your room like in this room featured on House Beautiful. Just make sure that you use the proper care to sand and restore old beams to avoid splinters. 

16. Choose A Canopy

A canopy is a very common decoration in traditional French bedrooms, and will easily give your French country bedroom a more dramatic look. Canopies come in all colors and styles, therefore finding one to fit your room shouldn’t be too difficult! You can even opt for a more decorative canopy like this one featured in Cabell Design Studio.

17. Feature Flowers

Plants and other flowers are a mainstay of French country bedrooms, so don’t be afraid to add a nice dash of color in the form of flowers or another plant. French Country Cottage even goes as far as to say that a room isn’t finished without some sort of plant. If having something living in your room to care for doesn’t appeal to you, silk flowers can look just as beautiful and add the same touches as live flowers would. 

18. Incorporate Prints

Many are afraid to add prints to their decor, but prints are a gorgeous and traditional part of the French country bedroom when used properly. As mentioned previously, prints can easily be incorporated into your wallpaper choice, but they should also be used as accents in your furniture and linens. Grab a printed throw pillow like these featured in Cabell Design Studio, or consider a printed rug, or printed draperies to tie the room together.  

19. Put Up Paintings

Paintings are an iconic feature in many French themed rooms. Opt for a garden or nature scene to bring a sense of serenity into your space. You can also select a simple painting of flowers to add color to a wall without getting too crazy. For those feeling really ambitious, you can even try to add a painting of a silhouette or famous individual such as these in Curated Interior.

20. Check Your Lighting

Sometimes installing a chandelier may not be an option for your home. If this is the case, you can still get that French country lighting by investing in unique wall lights or a cute antique floor lamp like this one in Kathy Kuo Home. Additionally, you could choose to have some tall candles in traditional bronze or copper holders as decor that could be used for lighting as well.  

There is nothing more relaxing or beautiful than having your own flawlessly decorated French country bedroom to retire in. Whether you apply all of these tips to your space or even just a few, you will be thoroughly impressed by the amazing atmosphere you have created. And you’ll be so in love with your new room that you will never want to get out of bed!

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