If there’s anything nature has taught us it’s that there’s lots of beauty in the simple things. That can be applied when doing DIY projects and crafts. You don’t need expensive materials and supplies in order to craft beautiful decorations. For example, you can make something lovely using an old picture frame and a few twigs

Materials you’ll need for this Old Picture Frame With Glittery Twigs

How to craft the Old Picture Frame With Glittery Twigs:

Step 1: Remove the backing

The backing board of the picture frame is not needed for this project so it would actually be ok to use an old frame that doesn’t have one. You can also remove the backing and save it for a potential future project. In any case, go ahead and prep your empty picture frame and do any repairs and adjustments to it if necessary at this point. 

Step 2: Select and trim the twigs

You should have a bunch of small branches and twigs prepared and ready to go so now is a good time to select the ones that you’ll actually want to use for this project. You should need around five or six of them. Try to make a mix of twigs of different shapes and sizes and trim them all so they fit nicely inside the frame.

It’s ok if they’re a little bit taller than the frame. Now would also be a good time to figure out how you want the twigs to be spaced out and arranged and perhaps even mark the spots for each one with a pencil on the frame. 

Step 3: Paint the twigs

The next step is to paint all the twigs so get your acrylic paint and paintbrush ready. You can obviously choose any color you want so it could be nice to customize your design however you like. We chose a light and neutral color for this and we think it goes well with the natural wood color of the frame and with the pearl beads. Be sure to paint all the twigs on all sides and you don’t miss any spots. 

Step 4: Coat the painted twigs in glitter

Once the paint on the twigs is dry you can proceed to the next step. Take each twigs and coat it in glue using a paintbrush, then sprinkle glitter on it on all sides. The glitter will stick to the glue and will make the twigs look nice and sparkly. Once again, you can choose glitter in any color you prefer. We used silver glitter which blends in nicely with the paint and doesn’t stand out too much. 

Step 5: Glue the twigs onto the bottom of the frame

At this point the twigs are all painted and covered in glittered so all that’s left to do is to glue them onto the frame. Take your hot glue gun and put small dabs of glue onto the inner bottom section of the wooden frame. Then take the twigs and press them onto the glue one by one. Before you do this however you can take some time and decide how you want the twigs to be spaced out. 

Step 6: Add the beads in between the twigs

The final step is to glue the beads onto the frame. You can use beads of different sizes and even different colors for this. We went with three large pearl beads and a medium-sized one. Put a bit of glue glue on each bead and then press it gently onto the frame, in between the twigs and on the outer ends as well. 

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