Simple DIY projects like this one are a really nice way to pass the time and to get something beautiful out of it at the same time. This macrame wall hanging decoration is not at all complicated to make which makes it a great project for beginner DIYers.

DIY Large Macrame Wall Hanging

It also requires few resources and it can be done in a short amount of time. The design that you see here is also customizable so feel free to go with a different color palette or to add more details to it if you want to. 

Materials you’ll need to craft a large macrame wall hanging:

How to craft this Macrame Wall Hanging decoration:

Step 1: Tape some yarn onto a piece of paper

To start off, once you’ve gathered all of your supplies and everything is ready to go, take a piece of yarn, fold it in half and tape it onto a sheet of paper. It should be longer than the piece of paper and you should place the tape a few inches below the top section of the yarn because you’re going to need that extra bit later on. 

Step 2: Measure and cut a few more smaller piece of yarn 

Using more yarn in the same color as before, measure and cut a few more sections. These should be shorter than the piece you’ve taped onto the paper but just like that one they need to be folded in half. When you have a small pile of them (around 20 for example), set them aside. 

Step 3: Repeat with a different color

Now you need to do the same thing but using yarn in a different color. Once again, measure and cut a few pieces of yarn and fold them in half, them set them aside. You can make fewer of them in this color since the idea is to alternate the two nuances in order to get a two-toned pattern. 

Step 4: Knot the smaller pieced onto the central one

Take your two piles of yarn bits and place them close to the piece of paper with the central yarn piece taped onto it. Then starting from the top just beneath the piece of tape, start to knot the smaller pieces of yarn onto the central line one by one. You’ll need to coordinate the loops in order to get this symmetrical pattern so check out the whole process step by step below.

Step 5: Continue making more knots using the second color

Continue to add more loops and make more knots but use the second color. The idea is to create sections and to make layers in two different colors. Of course, once you’ve perfected the technique you can also experiment with various other patterns and designs. You could add more colors or try a monochrome look for example or you could play with the dimensions of each different section. 

Alternate the colors and add more layers until you’re about all the way and you reach the end of the line. Make sure to leave a bit of yarn hanging down at the bottom.

Step 6: Use the comb and scissors to give your design a shape

The design hasn’t really made much sense until now but that is about to change. Use the comb to smooth out the yarn on one side, making sure the pieces don’t get tangled up. Then take the scissors and cut the yarn slightly at an angle so that when you let go it looks a bit like a feather.

Repeat the process for the other side, making sure to make it look as symmetrical as you can. 

Step 7: Thread a bead onto the yarn at the top of the feather

This is the part that you’re going to need the needle threader for. Use it to add a bead at the top. You might still be able to do this without needing a needle and a threader at all if the hole in the bead is big enough. 

When the bead is in place your first yarn feather is all done. Start working on a second one and make the loop at the top a bit shorter for this one so they can hang at different heights. 

Step 8: Hang your yarn feathers from a branch

Take a twig or a small branch and hang the two yarn feathers you’ve just made from it. The longer one can hang on the left and the shorter one on the right. The loops at the top will make it super easy to do this part. 

Step 9: Make a ribbon hanger

The last step is to make a ribbon hanger for your new yarn decoration. Take a piece of thin ribbon and tie it onto one end of the branch. Make sure it’s nice and secure and cut off the excess. Then tie the other end of the ribbon onto the opposite end of the branch. Be sure you’re happy with how long the hanger is before you secure this end and make adjustments if necessary.

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