Indoor plants offer many benefits not just for homes but also for offices and other spaces. The way you display them also has an important impact on the way they influence you and the décor. So let’s discuss, once again, indoor plant stands, more specifically the DIY kind. Surely store-bought planters would make things a lot simpler, but then your display of plants will be lacking character. Moreover, the following DIY plant stands are pretty simple to create.

Fun DIY Plant Stands To Add More Decoration to Your Home

1. Copper and Concrete Plant Stand

Cement on top and copper base

Copper and concrete come together in this project featured on Camillestyles. Assuming you want to make a set of three planters similar to those in the images, you’ll need three buckets, copper pipes, and tube caps, concrete mix, glue, tape, and a cup. The planters are customizable so you can decide the exact dimensions and even the shape you want to give them.

2. DIY Wire Plant Stand

Wire plant stand

For the project on Themerrythought you’d first have to find a lampshade that has wires connecting the top and bottom. This is the most difficult part, everything else being extremely simple. In addition to this particular lampshade you’ll also need wire cutters and some spray paint in case you want to change the planter’s color.

3. Marble and Copper Plant Stands

Marble and copper plant stand

Simplicity also defines the chic planters we found on ajoyfulriot. The materials needed for this project include copper pipes, a pipe cutter, marble tiles and very strong glue. The first step is to figure out how high you want the planter to stand and to cut the pipes to size. Then start building the frame and glue the marble tile to it.

4. A Wooden Planter Stand

Wooden planter stand diy

A wooden planter stand can be just the thing you need to make your beautiful plants stand out in an elegant and a simple way. To build the planter, you’ll need a cedar plank for the legs and one for the base as well as some outdoor stain, a sander, a saw and wood glue. After you cut the pieces for the legs, round them and sand them. Cut holes in their sides so you can then add the x-shaped base. Put all these elements together and use glue to keep them secure. Then stain the stand.{found on remodelaholic}.

5. Create a Plant Stool From a Piano Stool

Piano stool plant stand

Another option when creating a plant stand can be to repurpose things you already have in your home such as for example, a piano stool. You can pretty much just take the stool, find a good spot for it and put a planter on top. Of course, you can first give it a makeover and maybe paint it. {found on nur-noch}.

6. Faux Succulent Dachshund Planter

Faux dachshund planter

Speaking of things you can repurpose, check out this awesome dachshund planter. Actually, this used to be a dog dish stand. It’s made of metal and looks really interesting, regardless of the function it serves. The two bowls were filled with white rocks and then succulents were added. {found on learningcreatingliving}.

7. DIY Acadia Wood Plant Stand

Wood plant stand

Now, this is a really interesting plant stand. It can hold three planters and you can make it using the Ikea PS plant stand, three wood plates, some glue, and clamps. Optionally, you can also use screws and nuts to customize the stand. Just like that, you can create a very simple but also a very stylish accessory for your home. Find out more about the project on Sugarandcloth.

8. DIY Vertical Planter Garden

Vertical wood pland stand

In case you want a stand that allows you to display multiple planters in one spot, the project featured on Rufflesandtruffles can be a perfect option. This type of design works best for gardens or outdoor spaces although you can also adapt it for the indoors. The supplies needed include two stair risers, five planter boxes, a wood board, 4 bolts, 4 nuts, 8 washers, 28 screws, and a drill.

9. A Cube-Shaped Planter Stand

Square wooden planter

A design that’s simple, versatile, and also very easy to make can be found on Vintagerevivals. You can make it out of some square wooden dowels plus some wood glue and nails or screws. The goal is to make a cube-shaped planter stand that can hold a planter of the size you desire. So if you already have a planter in mind, use it as a reference.

10. DIY Mid-Century Planter Stand

Mid century plant stand

There’s this mid-century planter stand that is tall and has a small platform at the top and a shelf somewhere lower, allowing you to display two planters on it. You can recreate this type of structure, giving it the look and the style you want. For more inspiration and details on how to actually build the stand, check out Abeautifulmess.

11. Small Stands For Your Plants

Modern Mid Century planter

But if you prefer small stands for your planters that look cute and chic, then maybe you’ll enjoy the design offered on sugarandcloth. They look very lovely, resembling miniature stools. You can make these stands using small tapered legs. Using stain and tape you can give them the desired look. Painting them an interesting color is also an option. {found on sugarandcloth}

12. Spray Paint a Ready-Made Plant Stand

Succulent Wire Plant Stand

Of course, there’s also the option of simply buying a ready-made plant stand and simply spray painting it in order to give it a unique look. You can give yours a nice metallic look or you can choose a bold and fun color. {found on saltbushavenue}

13. Create a Metal Plant Table

Have you ever thought of using paper towel holders for something other than just their intended purpose? There are plenty of interesting ways to repurpose them and one of them involved making a lovely plant table. You need three paper towel holders made of metal which you’ll use as legs for the table. They look a bit like hairpin legs but at the same time, they’re different and unique. Check out craftberrybush to find out more about this design.

14. A Sleek and Modern-Looking Plant Stand

This super sleek and modern-looking plant stand is incredibly easy to make and that’s because it’s a repurposed tomato cage that’s been spray painted and which holds a simple plant pot. Naturally, you can spray paint your own version of this stand in any color you think would suit your décor best. You can find more details about this simple project on lovecreatecelebrate in case you need to.

15. DIY Wooden Plant Stand

You can also a really sleek and modern plant stand out of some plywood or solid wood. This design from themerrythought has a cross-shaped base and a round top. The natural, raw finish looks rather nice but there’s also the option to have your stand stained or painted if you want to give it some color. Check out the tutorial to see how it’s made.

16. A Colorful Plant Stand

If this colorful plant stand looks an awful lot like a stack of books that’s because it’s actually made of books. They’re each painted in a different color and then they’re all glued together to make a stack. It’s a lovely idea and a great way to repurpose a bunch of old books. If you want to show off the covers you can skip the painting part and leave the books as they are. Head over to akailochiclife for more details.

17. Wood Plant Stands for Your Porch

The plant stands featured on shanty-2-chic are simple, they’re made of wood and they look lovely out here on the porch. You can also bring them inside the house and display them in corners, next to the sofa, or in a hallway. If you have a specific type of plant pot that you want to use, the stands can be made to fit them exactly.

18. Tiered Plant Stands

Tiered plant stands are great because they can hold more than one plant which is nice if you have a collection that you want to put on display. This design has only two shelves and is made of scrap wood. It can potentially be modified to include more shelves or to have different proportions. However, we like the simplicity of this particular design. If you want to see how it was made, there’s a tutorial on anikasdiylife that you can check out.

19. Raw Edge Concrete Plant Stand

There are lots of different materials that you can make use of when making your custom planter and concrete is one of them. The biggest advantage is that you can shape it however you want. This stylish planter has a thick concrete top and three slender wooden legs. A plastic bucket works out great as a mold and to get that texture on the edge you can use a hammer and a flat head screwdriver. You can find more details about this project on lilyardor.

20. Give Your Plant a Throne

For small plant stands you can use balsa wood strips and embroidery thread to make some lovely designs like the ones featured on thelovelydrawer. You can make these in different heights and sizes and they’re easy to customize by using different thread colors or painting the wood strips. Either way, you should pair them with pots that have a lip around the top so they can rest on top of the frame.

21. DIY Rolling Plant Stand

A lot of plant stands are mainly decorative. However, certain types are also designed to be very functional. For example, this rolling stand featured on biggerthanthethreeofus is perfect for big outdoor pots that are super heavy and difficult to move. All you need to make a similar stand is a wood slice and four caster wheels. You can also use a piece of wood or plywood if you prefer a smooth, circular edge.

22. Step Ladder Plant Stand

One of the easiest ways to get a plant stand is by simply repurposing an existing item, such as a step ladder for example. This works out great if you want to make a stand for the patio or the balcony but the same design can also look beautiful indoors given the right décor. If you want to find the details of this particular project, head over to songbirdblog.

23. DIY Modern Wood Plant Stands

A nice idea for a medium or a large planter is to make a short stand out of wood, just to elevate it a few inches off the floor and add some structure and variation to the décor. This is a very simple stand design that requires a few basic tools and a piece of lumber, sandpaper, glue, and iron-on veneer bands for the edges. It has a round top and an x-shaped base which are easy to put together. There’s a complete tutorial for it on abeautifulmess if you’re interested.

24. Floating Plant Stands

Floating plant stands are ideal if you don’t have any floor space to spare or if you want to place the plants in front of a window without obstructing access to the area. This floating shelf is easy to make and has a really beautiful and stylish design. All that’s needed for this project is a round wooden plate, some yarn and scissors. You can use it for one or several pots, depending on their size. Check out placeofmytaste for more details.

25. West Elm Inspired Wooden Plant Stands

This type of plant stand is quite common and for good reason. It’s very simple and doesn’t stand out a lot, allowing the focus to be on the planter and the actual plants and flowers inside. It’s also modern, versatile, and easy to make if you ever decide to give it a try. A few leftover bits of wood could be put to good use plus you have the option to stain or paint the stand in any color you like. You can find more details about this project on heytherehome in case you need them.

26. DIY Copper Round Plant Stands

Copper pipes and fittings can be used to make all sorts of chic and beautiful things, including these lovely plant stands featured on darlingdarleen. This is a really nice and simple way of making a stand that perfectly fits around an existing planter or a pot. You can get to choose exactly how tall you want it to be and in the end, you’re left with a handmade accent piece that everyone will admire.

27. A Plant Stand and Side Table

This plant stand can quite easily function as a side table at any time. It definitely has the right size and shape for it plus it has a very chic and stylish look. The base has clean lines and has been painted black whereas the top has a white faux marble finish which can be easily replicated using diluted gray paint and a feather. It’s a cool little trick and you can find out all about it on lilyardor.

28. Tiny Ladder Plant Stand

Ladder-style planters like the one featured on myhappysimpleliving have a lovely retro vibe which makes them extra charming. They have a tiered design which allows multiple planters to be displayed on the shelves and the proportions can greatly vary. This right here is a small stand which you can place on a counter or a table and which you can make out of wood.

29. A Japanese Plant Stand

This Japanese plant stand from instructables looks exquisite and has a simple, sculptural and very elegant design with just a hint of classic and mid-century modern charm. However, although it looks very simple, it actually has a fairly complex structure. Making it from scratch is not exactly a walk in the park with the right tools and equipment you can absolutely pull it off.

30. Quick and Easy DIY Plant Stand

Here’s another iteration of a tall and narrow plant stand, this time with an x-shape base and a symmetrical structure. It’s 22’’ tall in total, including the extended boards that frame the pot. It’s not a difficult project but it does require a scroll or band saw and a nail gun. Additionally, you’ll also need wood glue, 4 pieces of 1×2 lumber cut to 22.25’’, and 4 pieces cut to 10’’. The stand featured on thestonybrookhouse has a flat black finish but, as always, this part of the project is very customizable.

31. A Modern Plant Stand Using Leftover Tiles

A cool idea that can save you time and money is to use leftover tiles as tops for your handmade plant stands (or even for custom side tables). There’s a detailed tutorial on homeyohmy which explains how this particular design can be achieved. Everything is measured according to the tile that is to become the top so keep that in mind when planning your steps.

32. Solid Wood Plant Stand

When it comes to choosing the best material for your plant stand, you can’t go wrong with solid wood. The Honeycomb Home shows us how to make this stunning plant stand that’s ideal for even beginner DIYers. There’s barely any cutting or effort involved in the project, yet the final result will provide the perfect base for your plants anywhere in your home. As far as the slice of wood you need for the project, you’ll be able to find one at Home Goods or a similar store.

33. A Simple Outdoor Plant Stand

While many of these plant stands are designed for indoor use, we love this project from Bitterroot DIY, which is designed specifically for a garden, porch, or balcony. It’s a simple yet stylish design that will provide a unique carrier for plants of any size or shape. If you are looking for something to spruce up your garden or patio this summer, this will be a quick and easy project to complete and brighten up any space.

34. A Trash Can Plant Stand

A dull mesh trash can will be repurposed in this project to create a modern and funky plant stand. Instead of just putting this item in the trash, turn it upside down and make it one of the most sturdy plant stands in your home. Homey Oh My shares this simple project which spruces up an old trash can to create a fun swirly pattern for your plant stand.

35. A Hanging Plant Stand with a Chalkboard

This is one of the top projects on our list today, and you’ll love the dual function of this hanging plant stand. Rachel Teodoro creates this unique wooden plant stand that has a chalkboard on the top to write welcoming messages for your family and friends. It’s a sophisticated and creative option for hanging your plants which would look great in your entryway or porch. We think it would look lovely with a welcome message for anyone who visits your home.

All of these DIY plant stands are inexpensive and easy additions to any home and will provide you with the much-needed storage space for your plants. Regardless of the size of the plant pot you are trying to accommodate or the space you have in your home or apartment, you’ll find an option to fit your needs. Remember, you don’t need to go out and spend a fortune to create a beautiful plant stand for your home. Even an old trash can or planks of wood can be repurposed to create something you’ll enjoy using for years to come. Whether you are a beginner or an expert DIYer, there’s a project for you to try, and you’ll soon be hooked on creating plant stands and displaying your plants in this way.

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