It’s easy to walk into Home Depot and get just about anything you need in the hardware niche. But there’s something extra special about privately-owned businesses that make you feel at home. Especially when that’s what they are all about.

Best Hardware Stores In America

Being able to support local businesses is important. So make sure that if you live near a privately-owned hardware store, that you check it out before running off to Lowe’s or Home Depot, which are both great stores. 

Best Hardware Stores In America

These hardware stores have been at it for years! They offer great prices, friendly customer service, and a wide variety of choices for all things home and garden. Check out these hardware stores to see if your hometown is featured! 

Bryant Hardware – Minneapolis, MN

Bryant Hardware is a great small hardware store in Minneapolis that offers everything from builder’s hardware to cleaning supplies to outdoor toys. The store is a favorite of locals who refuse to shop anywhere else. 

You may see this trend quite often when it comes to small hardware stores. These stores have a loyal cult following because of their family-friendly atmosphere and their willingness to help you find what you need.

Fusek’s True Value Hardware – Indianapolis, IN

Fusek’s Hardware is a True Value store located in Indianapolis. They believe in locals helping each other out because they will deliver within a five-mile radius absolutely free. So you can stay at home and order online.

Because they are partnered with True Value, you can get any True Value item delivered site-to-store to keep your favorite items in stock at your local hardware store. If you live near Indianapolis, you can’t miss this store.

Fuller & Son — Little Rock, Arkansas

This hardware store has made America’s Best Hardware Stores list more than once. Their slogan is, “if we don’t have it, you don’t need it,” implying that they have everything that you could need in a witty way.

Like any good hardware store, Fuller & Son employs people who have been trained and are knowledgeable in all things hardware. So not only can they help you find something, they can give advice too.

Sunset Ridge Home and Hardware, San Antonio, TX

San Antonio is a town with a lot of character and this shop is no exception, fitting in nicely with the lovely city. Not only can you find everything you need at Sunset Ridge, but you can also find something extra.

Their extras are run-of-the-mill items, but hardware and home decor items you’ll fall in love with immediately. You’ll always leave with more than you intended on. Which can be a pro or a con, depending on the day!

Sloan’s Hardware – Vonore, TN

Sloan’s Hardware - Vonore, TN

Sloan’s Of Vonore is everything! They are a hardware store, convenience store, and sporting goods store all in one. You can find everything you need without having to travel to three or four different stores.

Yes, they even have a small restaurant so you can grab lunch while you’re at it. Surely the people of Vonore often go nowhere else but Sloan’s when they are out and about. Because this store has it all, you won’t need any other store.

Chagrin Hardware – Chagrin Falls, OH

Chagrin Hardware & Supply

Chagrin Hardware is an adorable store with an old-school feel. Yet they offer everything that any modern hardware store does. People come for the atmosphere and stay for the amenities, leaving with everything they did come for.

The reason that Chagrin Hardware is so well-loved is that it’s been around since 1857 and has been standing ever since. Much of the original building is still there, letting you step back in time once again. 

Our Hardware – Baton Rouge, LA

Our Hardware - Baton Rouge, LA

Our Hardware doesn’t look like much when you’re driving by it, but after taking a step inside, you’ll be surprised you ever passed by it without noticing its charm. The inside is adorable, with a personality to boot.

But the real reason that everyone loves it so much is that the owners are friendly and welcoming. Sometimes that’s all it takes to keep people coming back again and again. Check it out if you’re in the area.

Logan Hardware — Washington D.C.

Live in the Washington D.C. area and looking for a great hardware store near home? Logan Hardware is there for you. The store is adorable, yet easy to miss in the hustle and bustle of the streets nearby.

Not only are they a great place to buy hardware, but they also host events, like a recent egg hunt with burgers for kids of all ages. Families welcome! That’s another thing that makes private businesses so special! 

Crest Hardware — Brooklyn, New York

Crest Hardware — Brooklyn, New York

Imagine being voted New York’s Number One Hardware Store two years in a row! That’s what happened to Crest Hardware, and they are expected to win the title again this next year. Because they have it all!

Crest Hardware is a store with a lot of character, a lot of friendly advice, and a lot of what you need for your home. Even if you don’t need anything, Crest Hardware is worth the visit. Find out why it keeps winning that title! 

Ayers’ Variety & Hardware – Westover, VA

Ayers’ Variety & Hardware - Westover, VA

Ayer’s Variety and Hardware is a great hardware store in Westover, Virginia. But they don’t just sell hardware. They are more like a small grocery and convenience store with a little bit of everything you need this month. 

The store was originally owned by Mr. Ayers, who made all of his customers feel valued. That’s what is most important in any business. Making your customers feel important and like they are worth your while. 

Charles Street Supply — Boston, Massachusetts

Charles Street Supply is one special place. Not only are they friendly and helpful at their store, but they offer great advice and friendly thank yous online too. When a business owner treats non-customers as well as they treat customers, you know they are genuine. 

Not many have people have anything but amazing things to say about Charles Street Supply which is really rare. It’s hard to find businesses without controversy attached. That’s always a great sign they are doing something right. 

Felton Hardware – Felton, DE

Felton Hardware has a lot of amazing reviews online. They are a great downhome hardware store with quality service their top priority, according to their slogan. They even get to be called Felton hardware.

This store has been around since 1962. Meaning, they’ve made it 60 years without failing. If a business can last 60 years in this day and age, then it can last a lifetime. Which is what is expected out of this one.

Brothers Hardware – New York, NY

As you may have guessed, Brothers Hardware is owned by two brothers. Being a family business, their goal is to make life as easy for other families as possible. They are always helpful and willing to lend a hand.

They offer the best prices in the area, which is saying something for a New York business because there is always a lot of competition in the city. This time, small-time business Brothers Hardware won that competition. 

Newtown Hardware – Newtown, PA

Newton Hardware is more than just useful, it’s also aesthetically alluring. When you step onto this street, you’ll feel like you’re stepping back in time. Until you step into the store, of course, which has been modernized.

Newton Hardware is so popular that they now have their own clothing line, food line, candle line, and more. All exclusively available through them. Now that would make sure you had souvenirs for everyone! 

Hardware Hawaii Kailua — Oahu, Hawaii

When you think of a small-town hardware store, you probably don’t picture Hawaii. But Hawaii needs hardware stores just like every other state does. Hardware Hawaii Kailua is one of the best hardware stores in Hawaii.

Because of the location, Hardware Hawaii Kailua specializes in hurricane protection. So you can make sure your home is safe from natural disasters even if you’re new to the area and don’t know where to start. 

Other Local Stores

There’s a lot more where that came from! There are hundreds of small hardware stores across the United States that deserve praise. Make sure you spread the word on your favorites so they can be featured one day soon! 

Share your reviews online, contact websites making lists, or even magazines that grant titles to hardware stores making a difference. You don’t have to be an expert to make a difference yourself. So do what you can today!

Chain Hardware Stores

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t feel guilty if you choose to shop at bigger chain hardware stores like Ace Hardware or Sutherlands. If there are no businesses that are small nearby, then you don’t have a choice.

But even if you do, your property should be finding what you need. Occasionally, you have to go big to do that. Other times, do what you can to support your local businesses! Shop local, save businesses, save lives. 

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