Did you know painted pine cones can look like flowers? It’s a great little trick that can be used when making all sorts of decorations like wreaths and various wall-hanging pieces. Today we’re going to show you how you can paint a bunch of pine cones and use them to make this beautiful decoration. 

painted pine cones

Materials you’ll need to create a pine cones wall decor:

How to paint the pine cones and craft this piece:

Step 1: Paint the board

Use the creme-colored acrylic paint to cover the front of the oval board. This will create a smooth and nice backdrop for all the pine cones once you add them. The light creme color contrasts with the other nuances and compliments them in a subtle way. 

Step 2: Cut the pine cones in half

If you look at a pinecone you’ll notice that it sort of has two halves. The bottom one looks a bit more dense and has a sort of dome shape and the top bit looks a bit more like a flower with its petal spread out. Cut off the top section from each pine cone. You may need to cut off a few extra smaller bits in order to flatten them out so you can glue them onto the board and so they look more like flowers in the end.

You’re only going to need one of the bottom pieces from a pine cones and the top sections from six of them. When they’re all prepped and cleaned, set them aside. 

Step 3: Paint the bottom section yellow

The single bottom pinecone piece will placed in the middle and will represent the center of the flower where all the pollen is found. So take this piece and paint it yellow. The side that’s going to be glued onto the board doesn’t need to be painted but make sure all the visible sides are yellow. 

Step 4: Paint the other sections blue

The smaller top sections of the pine cones represent the petals so go ahead and paint them all light blue. You can also use a different colors if you want to. Just make sure it looks good when paired with the other nuances that you’re going to use. 

Step 5: attach the hanger to the back of the board

This part is super simple. Just tape the picture hanger, peel off the paper on the back and attach it to the back of the board. Make sure you place it in the right spot so the board stays level when you hang it. 

Step 6: Glue the yellow pine cones in the center

Take the yellow pinecone, put some hot glue onto the unpainted bottom surface and gently press it onto the board at the center. 

Step 7: Glue the blue pine cones around it

Next, put a dab of hot glue onto the bottom of each blue pinecone and place them all around the yellow center. Before you add the glue you might want to just set the pine cones in place and make sure you spread them out evenly. 

Step 8: Glue some dried hortensia flower around the pine cones

Use the scissors to cut out a few dried hortensia flowers and glue each one in the open spots between the blue pine cones, around the outer edge of of the flower. They’ll look a bit like leaves and they’ll fill in these gaps in a really nice way.

Step 9: Add a small ribbon

Make a small silk ribbon and glue it onto the board somewhere at the bottom or wherever you think it would look nice. It’s not really a mandatory element for this project but it’s a nice little detail that make it stand out a bit more. 

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