The reasons for building shipping container homes are diverse and include the fact that these containers are globally available, affordable, sturdy, water-tight and versatile, not to mention that they’re meant to be easily transported.

Coolest Shipping Container Homes For Sale

This makes them perfect candidates for prefabricated homes and there are plenty to choose from in fact. A lot of them are very impressed and not at all as industrial and as rugged as one would expect. Check out our top favorites below:

Container home honomobo ho4 deck
Honomobo shipping container home
Zulu Queen - Rhino Shipping container Home
Modern Insta-House Shipping Container by MB Architects

The HO series by Honomobo

Honomobo is a company based in Alberta, Canada which specializes in building modern homes, offices, residential complexes and more out of shipping containers. The HO series includes prefabricated homes which range in size from a tiny 208 square foot studio to a three-bedroom house measuring 1,216 sq ft. The unit you see here is the HO2, the second smallest in the series. In has an open living area with a kitchen, a sleeping nook, a workspace and a bathroom.

Large full-height windows let in an abundance of natural light and the actual shipping container volume is set on top of a precast concrete garage which is convenient, practical, safe and quite advantageous, ensuring that the living space at the top gets to enjoy panoramic views of the surroundings. The heating and cooling of the house is done with an efficient air source heat pump.

Rustic Retreat XL by Backcountry Containers

The Rustic Retreat XL was built by Backcountry Containers and comes with a really cool feature: a rooftop deck. The tiny but charming home was built out of a 40′ shipping container and has a rustic-industrial appearance emphasized by its bright red exterior and the wooden elements such as the deck, the staircase and those cute little window shutters. Inside there’s a generous closet with shelves and room for a washing machine, a kitchen with a breakfast bar, a fridge and a farmhouse sink and a large bathroom with a sliding barn door. This layout is just one of the options. Several others are available, including one with two bedrooms and one with an ATV storage room.

The Montainer backyard homes

Mountainer offers a complete package when it comes to planning and building backyard homes or extensions out of shipping containers. You place your order, you come up with a list of features and layout details that you’d like to include into your new container home then a design team helps you finalize your plan and also checks the property’s permitting requirements and offers a pricing estimate. If you’re happy with the process so far, the project moves forward and your new custom container home is built and then installed on your property. You can choose between several different configurations. The smallest option is a one-module structure and you can add as many modules as you want, as long as there’s enough space on the property for them.

Custom Container Living units

Custom Container Living specializes in building structures out of 20′ and 40′ shipping containers, designed to serve a variety of purposes. They can be used as offices, guest houses, dorm rooms or as fishing and hunting cabins. Each container home is custom-built to specifically suit each client’s needs and requirements. You can choose between several standard floor plans and then personalize the design by selecting specific colors, stains, window placement, flooring, cabinets, countertops and several other elements. The prices vary depending on the size and features included in each design.

Rhino Cubed cubes

Rhino Cubed is a company founded on the belief that spending time in nature enriches the soul and that the modern human needs a small and simple housing solution designed to facilitate that. The solution is a series of Cubes which are small and robust structures made out of shipping containers. They come in a variety of sizes, ranging from 160 sq ft to 640 sq ft and they offer a variety of custom designs and options.

The fully equipped cubes include all the base features such as insulated walls, fiberglass energy-efficient windows, roof and floor insulation plus electrical wiring, plumbing, lighting, a kitchen with a sink, stove, refrigerator and cabinets and a bathroom with a full-size shower, a toilet, sink and storage cabinetry.

Off-the-grid container home

This one-of-a-kind container home was built by architect Ty Kelley who wanted this to be an off-the-grid retreat with all the luxuries of a modern home and the charm or a rustic dwelling. The home was listed at $125,000. It has a total surface of 720 sq ft and includes a bedroom, a bathroom, a kitchen, a laundry area, a workspace and a stylish living area. The architects used a lot of reclaimed materials including the lumber used for the flooring and the counters. The back facade is glazed and designed to bring the outdoors in and a wooden deck extends the living space outside and acts as a connector between the interior spaces and the landscape surrounding the house.

The insta-house

The insta_house is a prefab home designed and built by MB Architecture. It’s made out of four 8 by 40 ft shipping containers and is organized on two floors. It’s completely prefabricated and it includes two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a full kitchen and a living room. The fabrication process is complete in only 8 weeks and the installation takes a day. The double height living space is the most impressive of all, offering a very airy and open feeling throughout this unconventional home. Large windows allow natural light to enter all the spaces and at the same time bring in views of the surroundings. The focus is on the views and the interior design is minimalist and centered on neutral colors and finishes.


Gaia by Pin-Up Houses


Gaia is a really cool little structure designed by studio Pin-Up Houses and what makes it stand out compared to other similar projects is the fact that it’s designed to be self-sufficient. That’s right, this is an off-the-grid house which can be put in pretty much any location because it doesn’t require any external sources of energy or water. It’s made from a 20’ x 6m shipping container and it has these really nice double glass doors that let in lots of sunlight during the day. They can be completely hidden behind a small fold-up terrace that closes off the house completely whenever needed.

Multipurpose container home in Chile

This is not just another regular shipping container house mostly because it’s not as compact as expected. What makes this project by designer Constanza Dominguez C. and studio Plannea Arquitectura is the rather unique way in which the containers have been incorporated into a modern and stylish design. The house is located in Chile and was made out of two repurposed shipping containers. Rather than connecting the containers and creating one big space the designers chose to keep them separate. They were positioned parallel to one another with a big gap in between and a roof which extends over the entire area. This creates two separate spaces which can serve different purposes and a covered outdoor area in between them.

Container home with rooftop deck

Most often than not shipping container homes are tiny. They have limited floor plans and they’re optimized to include as many useful features in as little space as possible. Quite rarely however is the space on top of the container used for something. This house designed by studio CargoHome is quite special in that sense. It’s quite spacious for a container home, being made from three repurposed modules. It also has a rooftop deck which creates a really cool outdoor area without extending the floor plan. This is called the Helm and is actually the largest of the units offered by this company and there’s several smaller ones to choose from as well.

Shipping container vacation rental

Getting to spend some time living in a shipping container home can be an interesting experience, especially if you’re considering building something like this for yourself in the future. You can find such a place in Salida, Colorado. This is actually a pretty spacious house with a realy nice mid-century-inspired design and a bright orange exterior.

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It was made from two chipping container placed side by side and connected to create a large floor plan. It has two bedrooms and two bedrooms and a beautiful deck with glass railings that offers a really nice view of the entire surrounding area. The entire structure has been raised off the ground and sits on a platform. This solution was chosen in response to the rugged mountain topography.

Shipping container cabin in the woods

This is The Lily Pad, a beautiful cabin situated in Logan, Ohio. It’s surrounded by a beautiful forest and it’s a really nice and cozy retreat. It was made from a single upcycled shipping container which has been painted black in order to better blend in with the wooded surroundings and to fit more easily into the landscape. It has an angled roof which extends over a nice open deck at the front of the cabin. You can rent this place if you’d like to check it out for yourself and to find inspiration in its beautiful design.

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