Copper is one of the hottest metals being used in design these days. It’s everywhere, in all rooms, in all amounts. While it might seem a little intimidating to attempt a DIY project using metal, pipes craft are one of the fasted and easiest ways to get started. Truly, you can start and finish your own custom copper magazine holder in no time at all. As far as DIYs go, this one is very satisfying…especially if your living room is in desperate need of a clean-lined, understated spot to stow away your magazines and other reading materials!

Step-by-Step Instructions to Create a Magazine Rack for Your Home

DIY Project: Copper & wool felt magazine holder, 20”w x 7”d x 16”h

DIY Level: Beginner

Materials Needed to Create a DIY Copper Magazine Holder:

Step 1: Assembling the Copper Frame of Your Magazine Rack

Assemble the copper frame. Start by adding Ls to both ends of your two 20” and two 7” pipes. Add the middle part of the Ts to both ends of your last two 7” pipes.

Add your four 4” pipes to the Ls attached to the 20” pipes. Set aside.

Add your four 12” pipes to the Ls attached to the 7” pipes.

Connect the 7” pipes with Ts to the ends of the 12” pipes that you just added.

Connect your 20” segments to the Ts, so that you end up with a frame.

Step 2 (Optional): Glue Your Copper Frame Together

Glue PARTS of your copper frame together. If your copper pipes fit snugly into the connector pieces (e.g., the Ts and Ls), then you can skip this step and move on to Step 3. But if your frame is a bit wobbly and loose, you’ll want to secure the connections with some adhesive appropriate for metals. I used Loctite GO2 Gel.

Squeeze a bit of glue on the inside rim of any connector pieces that are loose, then twist and secure the pipe ends inside. IMPORTANT: DO NOT GLUE YOUR 20” PIPES OR THE ADJACENT L CONNECTORS YET. You need to be able to remove the 20” pipes to add your felt magazine holder, so it’s important that these pieces can come off at this point.

Step 3: Sewing the Felt Magazine Rack Holding Piece

Sew your felt magazine holding piece. Fold over the short end of your 18” x 36” piece of wool felt 1-3/4”. Pin this fold every couple of inches all the way across.

Sew a double seam about 1/4″ from the “raw” end of your folded-over felt. To do this with a basic sewing machine, simply sew one seam, cut threads, and go back and sew another seam very close to the first.

Repeat Step 3 on the other short end of your felt piece.

Step 4: Assembling the Final Pieces of the Magazine Holder

Assemble final pieces. Slide your 20” pipes through the felt seams, then secure the pieces with your metal adhesive (if needed). Take care to keep glue off your wool felt. Set up your magazine holder squarely against a wall and let the adhesive dry and harden completely up to 24 hours.

Step 5: Find a New Home for Your Magazine Rack

Load with magazines and place next to the sofa. When the adhesive has completely set and dried, you’re done!

We think it looks great – simple and classic – next to a living room sofa. But wherever you choose to put your copper magazine holder, we think you’ll be pleased with your DIY pipes craft.

While we’ve added this magazine rack to our living room, we think this would be an excellent solution for a study or playroom. You’ll probably love this addition to your home so much that you’ll come back again to make a few more. We believe this is a great option for older kids and teens, who may have comic books or magazines that end up all over their bedroom or playroom floor. Finally, another fun use of this copper magazine holder is to place it by your entryway to collect mail and newspapers.

As you can see, this project only took a few simple steps to complete, and then you’ll be good to go. We love the industrial yet chic look of the copper pipes, which are then balanced out with the darker material. Of course, adjust the style and color of this piece to fit your home décor, and you’ll have a functional yet stylish item to add to your home this year.

Enjoy your stylish new organizational system!

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