Every country has its own style of home, but in most cases, there are multiple styles within that country that are native to that country. There are many different kinds of Mexican homes that are still alive in Mexico today.

Traditional Mexican Homes

Some are older than others and some are simply historically-inspired yet built in recent years. All are created equal, but you probably want to know the different aspects of each home and what makes them special. 

Hacienda Style Homes

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Hacienda-style homes are still popular in Mexico. The hacienda home is a type of ranch house found in Mexico. They are very historical estates with large houses and courtyards. Most hacienda-style homes maintain the original integrity. 

These homes are very impressive and originally only owned by the wealthy. Today, a middle-class family could easily own a hacienda-style home despite them being nicer than most other Mexican homes. 

What’s In A Hacienda-Style Home?

Spanish Colonial 

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A Spanish colonial home is similar to a Dutch colonial home. Unlike other Mexican homes, Spanish colonial refers to an era of homes in Mexico and the Southern United States. It refers to the Spanish colonization of Mexico.

You may notice a lot of similarities in Spanish colonial homes and hacienda-style homes. The biggest difference is that Spanish colonial homes have more European influence than other types of Mexican homes. 

What’s In A Spanish Colonial Home?

Solo Adobe

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Adobe home is a common term that can be used to describe a lot of different types of Mexican homes. But an adobe-only house is a traditional type of Mexican house that doesn’t have any of the modern architecture. 

Adobe itself is made of clay, sand, and silt, with water added to get the right texture. It is one of the oldest building materials and can be found in different forms all over the world and throughout history. 

Mission Style

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The Mission Revival-style houses are quite different than other Mexican-style houses. The Alamo is a Mission Revival-style building. This type of home was usually reserved for clergy and cathedrals.

While Mexican cathedrals aren’t traditionally as extravagant as French, English, or other cathedrals, they are extravagant compared to other Mexican buildings. This is some of Mexico’s most gorgeous architecture. 

Spanish Villa

Spanish villa homes are different than other Mexican homes because they were built to incorporate community life. Many people usually live in Spanish villas so they are larger than most and in modern times, the personal yards are smaller.

A lot of Spanish villas do have courtyards but the focus is primarily on the house and immediate landscaping. Both of which are gorgeous, extravagant, and awe-inspiring. You can’t go wrong with a Spanish villa. 

Best Type Of Mexican Home

Now it comes down to the nitty-gritty. Which type of Mexican home is best? The truth is that there is no best. It all depends on your personal preference. If you want something very traditional and old, choose a solo adobe home.

But if you want the most extravagant type of Mexican home that isn’t modern, then choose a mission-style home. All types of Mexican homes are functioning and offer a history that lives within the home. 

So find out which one is best for you and live your best life, knowing you’re living in a part of history. Whether you build it or buy it is up to you, because even building a “historical” home is keeping the culture alive. 

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