Having a shed out in the garden or the backyard is super convenient, no matter how small it is. It gives you a space to store a few things like various tools and gardening equipment or a bunch of things that you simply don’t want to keep inside the house.

shed door ideas

If you’re not afraid of taking on DIY projects you can even build a shed yourself. Similarly, if you already have one, you can give it a makeover or customize it to better suit your needs. It’s often the shed door that’s particularly important. If you’re stuck trying to figure out what the best type would be for you, hopefully one of these ideas will work.

First things first, decide whether you want a single or a double door for your shed. This is a decision that’s usually based on the overall size of the shed. Either way, these plans from construct101 cover both cases. The style is the same and the plans show you exactly what the different components are in each case and how they’re all put together. You’ll also get to see what the dimensions are in case you want to adjust them slightly to fit your needs. 

In this video tutorial which is actually the last in a series of video covering how to build a shed step by step, you find out how to make a shed door. These are outdoor-rated double doors and they’re meant to be super strong and sturdy that can last for years to come and to keep the contents of your shed safe and secure at all times. This tutorial from AmplifyDIY covers everything you need to know about building your own shed doors from scratch and if you’re also interested in other parts of the shed as well be sure to check out the previous parts. 

You can also check out some of the tips offered on shedking. Here you can have a look at some of the different techniques that can be used when building shed doors. You get to find out some details about both single and double shed doors and also check out a roll-up shed door which is a bit more tricky to install but very rewarding once it’s all in place. Hopefully, one of these methods suits your needs and style and can be used in your next project. 

I’m sure you’re probably wondering when will we be talking about sliding barn doors because the style is sure fitting for a garden shed. As you know, barn doors are super versatile and can be used in a variety of different setting and situations. They would definitely look great on a shed if you choose to go with this style. There’s a great tutorial on infarrantlycreative that you can check out if you want to find out more about what it takes to build your own double barn doors from scratch. 

With DIY shed doors you also get to save a bit of money since they can be fairly inexpensive to make compared to the alternatives. This is also the type of project that can offer you lots of useful ideas and teach you tricks and techniques which can then be applied to various other projects. This video tutorial by Steve Ramsey is packed with all sorts of useful information and tips and can teach you how to plan, design and built shed doors from scratch. 


The overall design and structure of a shed door should not be overly complex or complicated, Simplicity really suits a project like this one but even so there are different levels of simplicity that you can opt for. There are three distinct types of doors covered in this tutorial from secrets-of-shed-building. The most basic one is the ledges door, after which comes the ledges and braced shed door and finally the framed, ledges and braced. Each time a new component is added the whole door and its overall aesthetic change as well. 

There’s a variety of factors and details to consider before actually building a shed door. It’s important to define these elements in order to know exactly what you’re working with and to set a final goal. For instance, in this tutorial shared by Artisan Made the end goal was to build a shed door that was easy to make, sturdy and durable, lightweight and inexpensive. It ended up having a simple design and using basic materials, with the frame standing out from the rest and adding a new layer to the design. It’s a type of door that would suit most sheds. 


Since we’re talking about an outdoor shed, we have more than just the looks to take into consideration. The shed door and the entire construction for that matter need to be outdoor-ready and that means extra sturdy and strong and pretty secure as well. Think of the door not as a separate part of the shed but a section of a whole, an element in context. It should fit and compliment the shed so make it out of the same materials but try to give it its own character.

It’s nice that the door of this garden shed built by Rag ‘n’ Bone Brown has vertical wood boards while the rest of the shed featured horizontal boards. The hardware adds a nice little touch to the design as well. There’s also a bunch of other tips and tricks that you can learn from this tutorial like how you can make your shed rodent-proof for example. 

Often when we work on DIY projects, especially as beginners, we seem to forget that the planning and design phase are the most important ones. Before actually putting together a shed door it would be good to take some time and make a sketch using whatever program you’re familiar or comfortable with. If you don’t really know how any of this is done, have a look at this tutorial shared by Brad Clark which explains in detail the entire process. The first part shows how the design was created and later on you get to see how it was all put together. 

It is of course useless to have shed doors that look good if they don’t close properly or lack integrity. That’s why the initial phase of the project where you plan the design and note down all the measurements is extra important. In this tutorial from instructables you get to see exactly how you need to measure a shed door, how to make all the cuts and how to build a proper frame for the door. Follow all the steps to see how it all takes shape. 

Since the door is just one of the elements that make up a shed, you might also want to have a look at how the entire structure is built from scratch, step by step, and how all the elements come together in the end, door included. This instructables tutorial explains all the important aspects of building a small shed and gives a detailed description of all the tools and supplies needed. The project starts with the base and the floor which define the footprint of the shed. Then the support structure is added, the walls and roof are filled in and then finally the doors are installed, completing the project. 

You can also find free shed door plans on myoutdoorplans. If you’re a fan of the simple, traditional style and barn-inspired look this project is going to give you some nice and useful ideas about how you can make your own garden shed look lovely and be secure at the same time. This door is made out of plywood and lumber using additional supplies such as screws, wood filler, glue and wood stain. The exposed hardware gives it a really nice farmhouse vibe. 


If you don’t actually need double doors for your shed or if the shed is small, a single door should be just what you need. The shed featured on twofeetfirst is perfect for a single door kind of design since it’s built right next to the house and has a perfectly flat side. Also, the door in this case contrasts with the rest of the shed which actually allows it to stand out more and highlights its simple but still charming design. Check out the full tutorial to see how you can build a cedar door for your own shed. 

If you’re building the shed door yourself, you might want to also familiar yourself with some of the terms involved such as for example the jamb which is the frame or the trim that surrounds the door. This tutorial from buildeazy teaches you how to measure the frame and how to make sure all the parts fit together as intended. This way you can be certain your shed door will turn out exactly the way you want it and you’ll have an easier time installing once it’s all done and ready to go. 


Regardless of some of the details involved in the design and structure of your desired shed door, the supplies and tools needed for a project of this caliber are usually involving more or less the same things. The door is made out of solid wood, sometimes also with some plywood involved as well to lower the costs. As for the equipment needed, you should have access to a wood saw, a vice, a drill, a sander and you should also have clamps, glue and a measuring tape. The door will also need to be installed using hinges and you might also want to add a lock. Check out hometalk for more details and instructions regarding DIY shed doors. 


Usually, the same rules used when building outdoor doors also apply when it comes to sheds of all kinds. There’s a few basic steps to follow. First, the frame of the door is built. At this point you need to make sure your door frame is perfectly square or otherwise it might not fit in the end when you’re ready to install it or it won’t open and close properly. Then, if you’re using the same design as the one on thecarpentersdaughter you need to brace the door and after that to cut and add the cladding. Next comes the trim after which you’re ready to treat and finish the wood. Then the hinges and the lock are added and finally the door is installed. 

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