We’re beginning to feel it in the air and see it on the trees. Summer is coming. The time of being outdoors. When we spend our Saturday mornings weeding the garden and mowing the lawn before the sun gets too hot and then host parties on the patio once the stones cool off.

 Ways to Decorate Your Pergola

At least those of us lucky enough to own a patio are hosting parties. We’re putting up a pergola on our patio this summer and I’ve discovered some gorgeous ways to make your pergola feel like home. Check out these 25 ways to decorate your pergola and suddenly, you’ll want to spend all your hours outside this summer.

25 Ways to Decorate Your Pergola This Summer

1. Add Curtains to Your Outdoor Space

Curtain clad pergola

Curtains! It’s amazing what a little indoor decor can do for your outdoor patio. Make sure you use weather friendly cloth and you’ll have a wonderful entertaining area that feels fancy without blowing your budget. (via Home Depot)

2. String Lights for Your Pergola

String lights pergola

Everybody has string lights on their pergolas… but that doesn’t make it a bad idea. String lights give your outdoor entertaining space some lovely soft lighting that will make it all the more inviting for you and your guests. (via Savvy Southern Style)

3. A Cozy Swing

Wooden swing pergola

Are you thinking about seating for your pergola? I would suggest a swing. It will add to the other patio furniture you have and give you a cozy place to sit with your wine at the end of a long day. (via Ana White)

4. Enhance Your Pergola with Potted Plants

Hanging plants pergola

Feel free to make your pergola into a terrarium of sorts. You probably have potted plants on your patio already so add to the illusion by planting vines or even strawberries above your pergola. They’ll give you a nice shady spot to hang out away from the sun. (via Los Moderninh)

5. Install Removable Awnings

Pergola with sun block

Speaking of shady spots, install a removable awning onto your patio to keep you and your little ones protected on those sweltering summer days. Suddenly you can have a picnic for lunch instead of waiting until the sun is going down. (via Pergola Gazebos)

6. Create an Outdoor Dining Room

Chandelier pergola

Many people use the space under their pergolas as an outdoor dining room. If that sounds like your pergola, consider hanging a chandelier over your table. It will really help you achieve the alfresco dining experience. (via Decoholic)

7. Include a Hammock

Pergola with hammock

For those who prefer a patio space that’s all about relaxing with a glass of lemonade and a good book, you’ll want to include a hammock. Use two sides of your pergola to install your hooks and then you can spend the rest of your summer weekends hanging around. (via Casa Tres Chic)

8. Build Planters Around Your Space

Box planters pergola

If your pergola is pretty much enclosed in a tiny area of your backyard, go ahead and build some planters around the space. You can use them to grow herbs or succulents or whatever greenery you’d prefer. (via A Beautiful Mess)

9. Upgrade your Kid’s Swing Set

Swing set pergola

Have you ever thought of upgrading your kid’s swing set with a pergola? Use a miniature one to hang their swings. You’ll find that it’s visually more appealing, plus you can fit more swings so no one has to share. (via Best Pergola Ideas)

10. An Outdoor Wedding Pergola

Floral wedding pergola

When it comes to outdoor weddings, you have to include a pergola. Drape it in florals and it can serve as your altar for the ceremony or a photo booth for guests or even just a pretty spot to take your wedding portraits. (via Found)

11. A Deck Pergola with Plant Hangers

Your pergola will feel like a whole other room in your home when you follow this DIY project from Lowes. The great thing about this project is that it’s really easy to customize. You’ll have plenty of places to hang plants, adding some much-needed greenery to your garden. If you add hanging planters packed with flowers, you’ll give this area a bright and summery feel. It will add a stylish retreat into your home, which will make you feel like you’ve escaped your day-to-day life for a little while.

12. White Lattice Woodwork Pergola

While pergolas are often brown or feature natural wood, you can always opt for a white or painted pergola to fit the outside of your home. This pergola from Home Stratosphere uses a checkered wood frame with lattice woodwork squares. It replaces the usual parallel boards used on pergolas and adds a modern and unique twist to standard designs. You’ll enjoy plenty of sun in this pergola, so it will be the perfect spot to spend time in the summer months.

13. A Box Type Pergola

credit: https://ozcobp.com/

Pergolas come in all shapes and sizes and Build Eazy shows us how to make this box pergola design idea. It’s built using rows of solid blockings in between the rafters, which creates boxes. These are a super popular type of pergola nowadays and are ideal for smaller spaces. They are the perfect pergola for any garden as they look neat and tidy and are not too challenging to construct if you are opting to complete the project yourself.

14. An Outdoor Kitchen

BBQ Coach shares a fun idea for incorporating an outdoor kitchen into your pergola. Regardless of the size of your intended outdoor kitchen, a pergola can act as good protection for your devices from the elements. This is a fantastic centerpiece for any garden, and you’ll love entertaining family and friends outdoors this summer. You can opt for a small outdoor grill or extend this to include a full kitchen setup. A dining table could also be added to the space if you have a large area in your garden for the new pergola.

15. Fire Pit Pergola

If you have a large space in your garden and love entertaining, you’ll be blown away by this pergola idea from Remodelaholic. The pergola is based around a fireplace and then has enough swinging seats for everyone in your family. You’ll love inviting friends and family members over for drinks and night-time conversations surrounding the firepit. The top of the pergola is completely open, so you can gaze up at the skies above you while enjoying your time together. The round shape of this pergola means that everyone can see each other and chat without craning their necks.

16. A Plant-Filled Oasis

Family Handyman offers us this pergola design plan that’s perfect for anyone who is looking to add more greenery and character to their garden. This style of a pergola is ideal for anyone looking to grow vines over their pergola. Vines are a fantastic and natural way to decorate a pergola and create a romantic look like something taken straight from a movie. You’ll enjoy a cool and relaxing space to sit and entertain your family, so it’s perfect for anyone looking to escape the hot sun in the summer. Building your own pergola takes a few days, but it’s a fun project to do this spring.

17. Lighted Pergola

We love this stunning pergola from SF Girl, which takes things one step further than just adding dainty fairy lights, as we showed you earlier. This pergola uses larger hanging bulbs, which will light your space effectively in the evening. They also create a romantic and modern environment, so you’ll enjoy inviting friends and family over for dinner in your newly decorated pergola. We also like how they’ve added hanging plant pots, which work well in conjunction with the hanging overhead lights.

18. A Steel Pergola

If you don’t like the look of a wooden pergola in your garden, decorate the space with a steel pergola instead. A steel pergola generally requires less space and won’t be such a huge distraction in a smaller garden. Instructables shares this steel pergola, which you can then decorate with plants and lights to suit your tastes. This project is painted black at the end, but choose any color you like for your garden. It’s easy to install on your grass, and the size can be adjusted to fit your needs.

19. Paper Lanterns and Wisteria

Room for Tuesday shows us how to create this charming idea for decorating your pergola this summer. You could add paper lanterns for a special occasion or make them a permanent addition to the space. Your friends and family will feel like they’ve stepped into another world, providing the escapism we all need this summer. You’ll enjoy eating dinner in a beautifully decorated pergola, and it will soon become your friend’s favorite spot to gather. The wisteria in this photo complements the paper lanterns so well. They work together to transform what was just a regular pergola into something completely out of the ordinary.

20. Slat Wood Pergola

For anyone who struggles with spending too much time in the sun, you’ll love sitting under this slat wood pergola this summer. It’s ideal for someone who would otherwise be burnt to a crisp in a regular pergola. We love the white color that A Beautiful Mess has used to decorate this pergola. It just goes to show that brown isn’t your only option, and you can enjoy a light and airy space for your whole family to dine or sit in. The decking and dining table create an outdoor dining area that you’ll want to eat in every night this year.

21. A Boho Pergola

The boho look is popular in homes of all shapes and sizes today. However, it’s not just reserved for the inside of your home. Take your favorite style outdoors this summer by adding tables, chairs, and decorations that create a laid-back and boho vibe. We love the funky table and stool that’s added underneath this pergola from Almost Makes Perfect. It’s the ideal spot to unwind after a busy day at work with a glass of wine and a good book this summer.

22. Add More Privacy To Your Pergola

Recreate the look and feel of a fancy resort with these pergola curtains. If you have a garden that is overlooked by neighboring properties, you’ll be able to enjoy escaping from the world around you by adding heavy curtains to your pergola. If you are lucky enough to have a swimming pool in your home, this pergola from Centsational Style will look incredible poolside. Add some comfy chairs, and you’ll enjoy chilling out here all summer long this year.

23. Floral Wedding Pergola

Fun 365 shares this pergola DIY project which transforms a plain pergola into the perfect wedding setting. However, this idea could also be used in your garden and will add a splash of color to any outdoor space. We love the variety of small elements that come together in this project to completely transform the look of the space. The hanging glass terrariums are our favorite part of this transformation. You could hang roses or candles from these little glass balls, which hang from stretchy string. Place them at staggered heights for an elegant overall look and feel to your pergola.

24. A Colored Lantern

Add a pop of color to your wooden pergola with a colored lantern. Hunted Interior adds this bold red lantern to her pergola, which hangs over the dining table where you’ll gather with friends and family members. We love the combination of a dining and relaxation area in this space. You’ll be able to accommodate a large group of people and offer everyone a seat beneath this fun pergola with a colored lantern.

25. Pergola Shades

Pergola Gazebos offers us a wide selection of ideas for anyone looking to protect themselves from the sun this summer. For anyone who struggles when they spend too much time outdoors, you’ll love adding some shade and protection. It’s a great option for anyone with kids, as you’ll give them an extra space to hang out during the summer break without spending a fortune. Most of these shades can be put up and down as needed, so you can also enjoy some sun from time to time.


All of these pergola decorating ideas will help to bring life to your garden and pergola this summer. A pergola is the perfect solution for an outdoor dining and relaxation space. It provides extra room away from the inside of your house to socialize and chill out with friends and family this year.

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