Mason jars and glass jars in general are super versatile and one of the most common items used in DIY projects and crafts. They can be repurposed in lots and lots of interesting ways in order to make useful accessories as well as decorations.

Tissue Paper Holder From a Repurposed Mason Jar

This tutorial will explain how you can transform a basic Mason jar into a tissue paper holder. The design we chose has a charming farmhouse vibe which suits this project really well. Let’s get started!

The materials needed for this Tissue Paper Holder:

How to make the Mason jar tissue paper holder:

Step 1: Get everything ready

It’s a lot easier and more pleasant to work on a project when you’ve prepared all the needed supplies in advance and you have them neatly organized and ready to go. First, pick the jar that you want to use for this project and clean it thoroughly, making sure to remove all the labels, glue and impurities. This is very important for the next step. 

Step 2: Paint the jar

Once you have the jar nice and clean you can start painting it. We’ve chosen for this some green acrylic paint with a subtle turquoise vibe which suits the farmhouse vibe we’re going for super well. Start by painting all around the rim and the mouth of the jar and then continue toward the bottom, slowly rotating the jar as you do so. At the end, paint the bottom as well as let it dry. 

Once the first layer of paint is dry you can repeat the process and add a second layer if you think it’s necessary. The second layer will cover any imperfections and will create a much smoother surface. 

Step 3: Sketch the design with a pencil

We wanted this tissue paper holder to create a cozy and homely ambiance and to be a charming addition to the home so the design we chose is Bless You, the words being centered on two rows on one side of the jar. If you’re going with the same design, now is the time to sketch it onto the jar using a pencil. 

Step 4: Outline the first word with yarn

When you’re happy with how the words are centered onto the jar, with the font, size and everything, you can start to apply little dabs of glue along the lines and then to press the macrame yarn on top of it. The idea is to outline the letters using the yarn. In this case, start with the B and cut off the excess yarn, then add the rest of the letters. Don’t rush this part and if you make a mistake simply remove the glue and try again. 

Step 5: Repeat and add the second word

Do the same thing for the second word, adding little dabs of glue onto the jars and following up with yarn. Try to combine all the letters so you can create them all out of a single piece of yarn. This way the design will look cleaner and the letters more fluid. When you’re done, cut off the excess yarn and secure the end with glue. 

Step 6: Measure and cut a piece of felt to cover the mouth of the jar with

Place the jar upside down onto a piece of felt and use a pencil to lightly create an outline around it. Then cut out this circular piece of felt, fold in two and make a cut in the middle, then fold it again in the opposite way and cut again. The idea is to have an opening cut into the center in the shape of the plus sign. This is so you can take the tissues out one at a time. 

Step 7: Glue the felt onto the rim

Apply hot glue all along the rim of the jar and then center the piece of felt on top. Gently press it down so it sticks and make sure there are no creases along the edge. You can use any color of felt you want for this. We chose light beige because it matches the macrame yarn and goes well with the paint. 

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Step 8: Decorate the mouth of the jar with lace ribbon

Once again, start by applying some hot glue around the outside of the jar’s mouth, then take your lace ribbon and gently press it down, Make sure the top edge is aligned with the rim. Add more glue and repeat until you’ve gone all around the jar. Cut off the excess ribbon and secure the end with a bit of glue

That’s it, your new tissue paper holder is all done. All that’s left to do is actually put the tissues inside. You can empty a regular tissue box and simply relocate the contents. The jar is quite nice because it’s heavy and easier to use than a cardboard box. It’s also really special and it has lots of charm and character. 

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