Who doesn’t love a fabric project that requires no sewing?! Create your own set of napkins with these easy instructions in no time! A creative and budget friendly project where you can finally use some of those fabric scraps. Mix and match a variety of fabrics like we did here or go with a single or neutral pattern.

DIY No-Sew Fabric Napkins

Design your napkins for whatever size desired, small like these cute cocktail napkins perfect for hosting a happy hour, or create a standard-sized set for everyday use. Bundle up a set with a bottle of wine or candle as gift for the host or hostess!


Supplies you’ll need to these Napkins:

Instructions of how to craft the Napkins:

Step 1: Cutting the fabric

Start by cutting out your napkins using your cutting mat, straight edge and rotary cutter. Here we created our napkins from thin vintage fabrics which created nice thin seams. The thicker the fabric the thicker your seams and napkins. Make sure your fabric is well pressed before cutting, it will make the whole project easier. For each napkin we measured and cut 12″ x 12″ fabric squares which will fold down to make for perfect little cocktail napkins. You can make your napkins larger or smaller as desired.

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Step 2: Ironing process

With your napkin right side down, measure and cut a piece of iron-on bonding the length of one of the sides.

Step 3: Fold the fabric

Fold over the edge with the iron on bonding (pin in place if needed), place on your ironing board and iron along the folded over bonding to create a hem up one of the sides.

Step 4: Repeating step

Repeat step 3 with all the sides of the napkin to create a nice even hem. Iron the entire napkin smooth.

Step 5: Fold down all

Fold the napkin down into quarters to create a cocktail size and iron the folds to keep in place.

Repeat steps 1-5 for your desired number of napkins, fill up a glass of bubbly and enjoy your finished project! These can be either spot cleaned or go in the standard wash on cold!

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