Geometric shapes provide a timeless look and yet offer a modern update to any décor, including Christmas decorations. These super simple DIY geometric straw prisms are not only fast to make (especially after you do one or two), but they give such a fresh, contemporary vibe to the seasonal décor that you’re bound to love. What’s more, this project is incredibly versatile – use whatever type and color of straw you want, and fit it to whatever shape makes sense with the rest of your décor. Here’s how you make these simple modern DIY geometric straw ornaments for your Christmas tree this year.


How to Create a Quick and Easy Ornament for Your Christmas Tree This Year


Materials Needed:

Step-by-Step Instructions to Create Your Own DIY Geometric Straw Prisms

Cut Your Straws Into Smaller Lengths

Begin by cutting your straws into 2” lengths. The more precise and even these are, the happier you’re going to be with your geometric prism when it comes together. You’ll need twelve (12) 2” straw sections per prism.

Top Tip: Use the Rounded Cut Part of Your Scissors to Keep The Straw in Place

If you have scissors with a rounded cut part, that’s a simple and more accurate way to cut the straws because the arc holds the round straw in place as it’s being cut. Although a razor blade or regular scissors will work, too.

Thread Your Straws Onto the Fishing Line

Start by threading your needle with about an arm’s length of fishing line. It doesn’t need to be doubled, but if you want to double it, do two arms’ lengths. Note: This tutorial is using heavy duty thread instead of fishing line for this example so you can see it better in the photos. String four straw lengths onto your fishing line, about 4”-6” away from the end of the line. You don’t need to knot the end of the fishing line for this.

Create a Diamond Shape with Your Straws

Tie a square knot (right-over-left, left-over-right) so the four straws form a sort of diamond shape. You want the straws to be touching, but don’t pull so tight that you can’t see the fishing line in the joints; you’ll be using each joint later, so it needs to be loose enough to be still workable.

Add Two More Straw Lengths

Thread two more straw lengths onto your fishing line and push them near the top knot.

Create the Third Prism Edge

Secure the fishing line to the bottom corner of the straw diamond. Don’t worry about trying to create the geometric shape at this point at all. You can either tie the fishing line at this bottom joint, or you can simply wrap the fishing line around the original diamond joint fishing line a couple of times to hold it in place.

You now have three of your prism edges, and the fishing line is coming out of the bottom prism joint.

Adding on the Fourth Edge of the Prism

Thread two more straw lengths onto your fishing line, and pull them gently to rest against the bottom prism joint.

Secure the Fishing Line

Secure the fishing line to the top joint by either tying another knot or wrapping the fishing line around the original diamond’s joint line twice.

Your Four Prism Sides are Complete

At this point, you have your four prism sides, the fishing line coming out the top joint, and a somewhat floppy-looking prism. Yes? Good.

Thread Your Fishing Line

Thread your fishing line through one straw from the top joint to a side joint. You can choose any straw, as it doesn’t matter which one you choose.

Thread one straw length onto your fishing line and press it gently up to the side joint.

Secure the Fishing Line

Secure the fishing line to a neighboring side joint so that the single straw length creates a bridge between the two joints.

Secure the Fishing Line and Prism

You will not want to knot these side joints. Instead, keep the fishing line taut but not pulled too hard, wrap the fishing line first around the prism joint’s fishing line on the right side of the side straw (“a” in the photo), then wrap it around the fishing line on the left side of the side straw (“b” in the photo). This provides enough security in the joint to allow you to continue without anything moving too far out of place.

Add Another Single Straw Length

Thread another single straw length onto your fishing line, and move the end to the next neighboring prism side joint. Secure. Repeat for the last two side straws.

Thread Your Needle Back Up

When the last side straw is secure, thread your needle back up through the straw toward your top joint.

Secure Everything in Place

Tie a square knot at the top of your prism to secure everything in place.

Your Prism is Ready to Hang on Your Christmas Tree

Then tie a loop to hang the prism from your Christmas tree. Follow these instructions over again from the beginning to create as many decorations as you need to give your tree a festive and full look this holiday season.

The Finished Product

Here is what the geometric straw prism will look like with the fishing line. It’s much more crisp and, well, geometrically clean than when the thread is visible at each joint.

Hang the DIY ornament from your Christmas tree.

The 3-dimensional nature of this prism is just charming, and even though the materials (red plastic drinking straws?) are not particularly special, they look amazing when configured in this way. The great thing about this project is you can choose any color of straw you like to match your other Christmas tree decorations. Or, if you fancy something particularly unique, go for bold and fluorescent straws this holiday season.

While these instructions may look a little bit fiddly the first time, we promise you it will get easier to make these prisms each time you repeat the process. There are quite a few steps to follow, but after you’ve created two or three of these decorations, you’ll know what to do without even looking. These decorations are a budget-friendly way to decorate a tree this year, and older children and teens will enjoy joining in with the project. Why not have a family ornament-making afternoon, where you can all create unique decorations to spruce up your tree this year. We hope you enjoy making your own DIY geometric straw prism ornaments this year and that these give your Christmas tree just the right touch of classic contemporary appeal. Happy Christmas decorating!

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