Of all the rooms, the kitchen is perhaps the most complex and most complicated in terms of design even if sometimes it’s the smallest. That’s because it’s packed with storage, appliances and lots of other useful features. Planning a kitchen remodel is both very tricky and very satisfying. It’s wonderful to turn this into a space that you actually want and enjoy to use. Let’s check out a few kitchen remodel before and after examples and see what we can borrow from them. 

kitchen before and after

This kitchen went from looking outdated and uninviting to becoming a beautiful and welcoming space for cooking as well as socializing. The new look chosen by @outlineinteriors makes use of dark colors at the opposite end of the spectrum compared to the original design. That gives the kitchen more visual weight and also helps it stand out a bit more. 

The before and after transformations are even more impressive and dramatic when there was nothing really to compare the after design to. Starting from an empty space, @zoefeldmandesign transformed this area into a super chic and beautiful kitchen with an L-shaped layout. The wooden floor creates a very warm and pleasant ambiance and the white walls and contrasting windows and doors go really well together. There’s a little space to sit at the bar, stylish lamps hanging from the ceiling and plenty of open counter space. 

Here there was a great opportunity to tie the kitchen to the dining area and to put these two spaces together. The kitchen remained in the same spot but got a complete remodel, with a change of color scheme, new flooring and everything. It transitions beautifully into the dining area. The dark green nuances concentrated here are complemented by the blue tones on the area rug and also by the stained wood boards that make up the floor. This is a wonderful before and after kitchen remodel by @jeanstofferdesign

Sometimes what a kitchen really needs is a change in layout. This kitchen for instance has a fairly awkward design with an odd counter that turned at different angles and created a less than practical layout. It could seem like it was meant to maximize functionality but in fact is cluttered up the space. The new design is a lot simpler, with a clean and more airy feeling throughout. There’s a big island with plenty of space to move around and sufficient storage throughout. Once again, this is a transformation by @zoefeldmandesign

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It’s super nice to have the opportunity to reinvent a space even if at the end of the day you end up sticking with the same layout and design direction. Check out this inspiring before and after kitchen transformation by @weespacesinteriors for instance. It preserved the L-shaped counter which creates this nice transitional bar area. There’s lots of storage inside all of the cabinets on either side and the open archway sets a visual boundary for the kitchen even though there’s no physical door. 

One of the issues a lot of kitchens tend to have is a lack of light. In some cases there’s merely a small window and no way to add more. That however shouldn’t be an impediment. We’re in love with this kitchen remodel by @andreawestdesign. The before and after images show the transition from a dark and visually heavy space to one that’s bright and airy. The upper cabinets are now white and the subway tiles have a beautiful beige color scheme. There’s still plenty of natural wood in here but it’s all concentrated around the floor and bottom cabinets. 

This kitchen by @zoefeldmandesign retains most of its original characteristics. There is however a change in color scheme and the way in which the light and dark tones are distributed throughout the design. The dark nuances are a bit more spread out in the after design, focused around the door and window as well as the faux ceiling frame.

Small kitchens have plenty of potentials as well and even something as simple as a change of color can be meaningful. Check out this beautiful design by @aseel1146 which paints the cabinets in a new color and add contrast to the space without overwhelming it. The wall tiles tie together the design really well as well and the new wooden counters add the perfect amount of texture and warmth to this kitchen. 

Putting more emphasis on the windows and the lighting, in general, is usually a great idea when it comes to the kitchen. That was beautifully done here by @amish.kitchen.gallery especially considering that this brought along a change in the overall color palette as well. The new retro-chic design looks wonderful and we love the seamless transition between the kitchen and the rest of the open space as well. 

Don’t you just want to spend an entire day in this lovely kitchen? This before and after transformation by @domaarquitetura is very inspiring because it shows adding more furniture and accessories to a small space isn’t always a bad thing. The way in which this new design was balanced out was by introducing soft curves and warm and inviting colors and textures. That makes this space look and feel more welcoming. 

Having a big open space to work with is great because it allows more freedom. It also makes it easier to make big changes like completely moving an entire kitchen to a different spot in order to better take advantage of the lighting or the floor plan. It’s pretty much what happened here. This before and after kitchen remodels by @zoefeldmandesign show the benefits of thinking outside the box and reconfiguring this space. 

What about tiny kitchens, you might ask. Well, they can look super charming and beautiful too and be very efficient and practical as the same time. Check out this wonderful transformation by @zoefeldmandesign and let it inspire you. The new colors are so beautiful and even though the layout remained pretty much the same, these little changes make a big difference. 

The new design of this kitchen is a lot easier on the eyes and looks a lot less cluttered even though there’s still a lot going on here. The red tones were swapped for something a bit more natural and neutral and this new looks ties in really well with the rest of the space around the kitchen. All the natural wood is complemented by light color accents and also by lots of greenery. Check out @zoefeldmandesign for more wonderful ideas. 

This kitchen was actually expanded which is of course a way to gain more space for storage, appliances and everything else. The new design by @timryankane also brings a complete change in color. Previously all the wood and yellow accents gave the kitchen an outdated, old look. Thew fresh white and blue tones in the new design create a very airy and bright decor which is what modern homes are all about. 

Sometimes it’s nice to add a bit more variation and more details into a design. If we look at this before and after kitchen transformation by @acorn_cottage_ what immediately stands out is the lovely tile pattern on the floor. It ties in super nicely with the new color of the cabinets. The farmhouse-style sink and the wooden counter add a lot to the charm of this space as well. 

The bay windows in this kitchen provided a perfect opportunity to set up a cozy little nook with a small table and a couple of chairs. That idea was preserved in the new design by @zoefeldmandesign but there’s a few details that make it look even more lovely and inviting, like the window treatments and the accent cushions for example. Of course, the change of color for the big wall storage unit changes the ambiance as well. 

Tiny houses have very clever designs. The very limited amount of space means clever storage solutions have to be implemented and in this case that means elevating the whole kitchen on a platform and creating this pull-out storage system underneath. The design by @tryshka also gives the kitchen a cozy and inviting look. The lighting is nice and so is the distribution of all the furniture along the walls. 

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Renovating a kitchen often means simplifying it, making it more user-friendly and more comfortable to spend time in. In the case of this design by @flip_socal that meant cleaning up the space so it has a flat white ceiling and matching walls, white cabinets and even a white countertop and a white backsplash. To avoid making it look super boring and monotonous, contrasting colors and textures were introduced in the form of light fixtures bar stools and that big freestanding island at the center. 

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