The tiny home movement has become more than just a fad. It has become a way of living. Sometimes, tiny homes are complete with wheels, solar panels, and composting toilets. Other times they are as modern as can be.

Tiny home builders

If you are planning on building a tiny home, you probably need a little help from a pro. Take a look at some of the best tiny home builders in America to find inspiration and possibly hire one of them for your project. 

The best tiny home builders in America

Escape Traveler tiny home builder

Promising Review: “The Most Beautiful Tiny Houses In The World” – Forbes Magazine

Price Range: $50,000 to $100,000

Location: 1740 20 1/2 St. Rice Lake, WI 54868

When Forbes Magazine starts talking about your business, you know things are serious. The cabin featured is the Getaway and that’s just what it is! This is just one of the many gorgeous models that Escape Traveler has to offer. 

If you want to try out a tiny house before building one, Escape Traveler is your answer. You can stay at one of their Escape Vacations and visit one of their pre-built homes. 

Bear Creek Tiny Houses

Promising Review: “I would recommend Bear Creek Tiny homes if you want a home built to last in any climate.” – Google Review

Price Range: $8,000 to $50,000

Location: 1530 Bear Creek Rd.,  Woodgate, NY 13494 

Bear Creek Tiny Houses have some amazing cabins at incredibly low prices. They offer deals if you only order a shell, which can be very affordable. Then you can finish it yourself by finding ways to cut costs. 

Blue Ridge Tiny Homes

Promising Review: “It’s a real breath of fresh air to see so much love goes into something so creative.” – Client

Price Range: Unknown 

Location: Asheville, NC

Blue Ridge Tiny Homes are all about making your dream come true. They don’t simply have base models that you have to choose from. They work with you to take that amazing tiny home in your head and make it come to life. 

Maverick Tiny Homes

Promising Review: “I was blown away how evident it was a labor of love for them!” – Client

Price Range: $20,000 to $100,000

Location: 121 Industrial Dr. Eaton, OH 45320

What is so great about Maverick Tiny Homes is that they have a large price range so anyone can find something that suits their budget. Their questionnaire and application start things off right by letting them know exactly where you stand.

Oregon Cottage Company

Promising Review: “Wow! It’s absolutely beautiful. The quality of construction is the best of the best. It’s structurally engineered to withstand just about any disaster thrown at it.” – Client

Price Range: Unknown

Location: 831 Snell St Eugene, OR 97405

The owner of Oregon Cottage Company has been in the business for over twenty years and it shows. He strives to create dream homes as naturally as possible and has amazing positive feedback he’s gathered over the years. 

84 Tiny Living

Promising Review: “A tiny house with lots of room and high-quality materials.” – Client

Price Range: $7000 and up

Location: Pennsylvania 

The name 84 Lumber may sound familiar. That’s because it’s a lumber company with over 250 stores across the world. With a name so big, they decided to start a branch of tiny living builders and they have done quite well.

Green River Log Cabins

Promising Review: “All aspects of the construction, appliances, plumbing, electrical, and everything else is flawless.” – Client

Price Range: Average $50,000

Location: 770 W. Frontage Rd Campobello, SC 29322

Green River Log Cabins are one of the most transparent tiny house living companies that you’ll see. They have all of the info you need on their site and are willing to chat anytime about anything you can’t find. 

Kanga Room Systems

Promising Review: “I can’t speak highly enough about our experience with all of the staff at Kanga Room,” – Google Review

Price Range: $15,000 to $75,000

Location: 501 South Jack Kultgen Expressway, Waco, TX 76710

Who doesn’t want to live in Waco? If you are moving to Waco or are building a home in the area, consider Kanga Room Systems. They build amazing tiny houses in all shapes and sizes and they have a wide price range too!

Back Country Tiny Homes

Promising Review: “If your looking for a tiny home- I suggest you meet with Backcountry Tiny Homes” – Google Review

Price Range: $20,000 to $100,000

Location: 26 Owens Court, STE #6 Hampstead, NH 03841

Despite the name, Back Country Tiny Homes does more than making small rustic cabins. Although that is their specialty, they are willing to work with any design style to give you the feel that you want in a home. 


Promising Review: “We’re so used to focusing on tourists, but now is the time to show the locals the richness of what you have.” – Chicago Tribune

Price Range: $90,000 to $400,000

Location: SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH 84104

Wheelhaus’s cleverness doesn’t end at their name. They design some of the most amazing and detailed tiny house cabins to date. Their prices are higher than other companies but clients will promise you it’s worth it. 

Minim Homes

Promising Review: “Minim Homes have put a lot of thought into getting the most from a tiny space” – Small House Bliss

Price Range: $30,000 to $100,000

Location: Washington D.C.

Minim Homes is a D.C.-based business that offers some of the most extravagant tiny home building projects. They have a wide range in prices and you can figure what yours would be on your own. They have a checklist listing the price of each part. 

Cornerstone Tiny Homes

Promising Review: “100% trust them to build me the best quality tiny home out there :)!”

Price Range: $50,000 to $100,000

Location: 1687 Timocuan Way Suite 101 Longwood, FL 32750

Cornerstone Tiny Homes offers both tiny houses on wheels and on foundations. They have dozens of amazing reviews of people who recommend them. If you’re looking for tiny house builders in Florida, this is a good bet.

Mustard Seed Tiny Homes

Price Range: $50,000 to $100,000

Location: Suwanee, GA 30024

Mustard Seed Tiny Homes is a great company that focuses more on non-profits than standard homes. They do offer custom builds for anyone, but they also build homes for the elderly and those who can’t afford to buy their own. 

Tiny Portable Cedar Cabins

Price Range: $50,000 to $100,000

Location: PO Box 121 Marlin, WA 98832

Tiny Portable Cedar Cabins is an accredited and certified tiny house building company. They do offer great portable cedar cabins but they also have a variety of other options for those not interested in cedar.

Bantam Built Houses

Price Range: $30,000 to $100,000

Location:  1640 Shanahan Drive, South Elgin, IL 60177 

Bantam Built focuses primarily on “mobile homes” or rather tiny houses on wheels. They have been featured on Tiny House Nation, Tiny House Hunters, and more, so you may have already heard of them. 

Carpenter Owl

Promising Review: “Fantastically well crafted, with some really great standout design features,” – The Coolector

Price Range: $12,000 to $75,000

Location: Bloomington, IN 

Carpenter Owl is a lovable company that clients just can’t get enough of. They can build you a custom home or you can stay at one of their personal tiny homes at Air BnB. If you’re thinking about building one, trying one first is a great idea.

Elite Tiny Homes

Promising Review: “Wade’s craftsmanship and attention to detail throughout the house was exceptional. He was patient with our lack of experience with the building process and his advice in the layout and design process was invaluable. We would gladly recommend him to build YOUR Tiny Dream Home. – Client

Price Range: $25,000 to $75,000

Location: Southern Louisiana 

Elite Tiny Homes make amazing tiny homes, but they are also woodworkers you can hire for just about any project. Their custom bars, accents, and tables are perfect for any home, tiny or not. So check them out. 

Tiny Homes Of Maine

Promising Review: “Tiny Homes of Maine was great to work with! Everyone there was very nice.” – Google Reviews

Price Range: $75, 000 to $100,000

Location: Houlton, ME 04730

Tiny Homes of Maine is one of the top tiny house builders in, you guessed it, Maine. They have a wide variety of custom options and the option to pre-order new models before they come out at a discount. 

Custom Container Living

Promising Review: “If you are looking for the tiny home experience, and want something different than what you normally see on TV, this is the company to go with! I loved their work. I cannot sing their praises enough.” – Google Review

Price Range: $25,000 to $150,000

Location: 17321 NW County Rd. 41, Archie, Missouri, 64725

If you want to hop on the container home bandwagon and live near Kansas City, then Custom Container Living is perfect for you. They have awesome container homes with a large price range, accommodating any budget. 

Old Hippie

Promising Review: “We will never forget sitting on the upstairs deck through the sunset, watching the stars and talking. Thank you for providing that experience for us. This is such a beautiful tiny house” – Client

Price Range: Unknown 

Location: 5117 cereus ct Las Vegas, NV 89146

Old Hippie is as interesting as its name. With a name like Old Hippie, you just know you’re getting something unique. Their Vegas business was booming after they were featured on HGTV and they deserve every bit of it.

Sierra Tiny Houses

Price Range: $50,000 to $100,000

Location: Sacramento, CA

As far as California tiny house builders go, Sierra Tiny Homes is a winner. They vow to offer tiny homes to meet almost any budget or lifestyle. They offer tiny houses on wheels that are adorable as well as larger houses for larger budgets. 

MitchCraft Tiny Homes

Price Range: $50,000 to $200,000

Location: 233 US-287 Fort Collins, CO 80524

MitchCraft has quite a waiting list considering they are in such high demand. So if you want a home from them, you’ll need to contact them soon. They have been featured on Tiny House Hunters, which gave them even more business. 

Tiny Treasure Homes

Price Range: $50,000 to $100,000

Location: Show Low, AZ 85901*

Tiny Treasure Homes is the perfect name for this tiny house-building business. They build tiny houses with a lot of personalities without sacrificing the hominess that is so important with tiny houses on wheels. 

Alabama Tiny Homes

Price Range: $50,000 to $100,000

Location: 653 Lester Doss Road, Warrior, AL

AL Tiny Homes is the top tiny home builder in Alabama. They have a variety of choices and allow you to view entire projects that they’ve done. The team is friendly and always willing to answer your questions. 

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