Investing in the outdoor appearance of your home is just as important as investing in whatever goes inside the house. And it’s not just because you want your home to look good from the outside to the others, but because you want to create a beautiful outdoor space that encourages you to spend more time outside.

Deck Railing Ideas

A porch tends to look rather incomplete when it’s not paired with a suitable deck railing, so we’ve decided to give you some ideas, DIY tutorials, and a few product suggestions that will show you how easy it is to end up having a railing system that matches the style of your home and your own personal taste.

Deck Railing Ideas

Decorating the exterior of your house can turn out to be just as complicated as choosing your indoor decor, especially if you have no idea where to start. To put you on the right track, we’ve put together a small list of suggestions, for both vertical and horizontal deck railing.

Image from Stair Solution, LLC

The first suggestion comes from Stair Solution, LLC, which is kind enough to show us that a mid-sized classic backyard deck design should look like. The metal construction is suitable for multiple types of porches and fits into the decor whilst looking almost invisible for afar.

Image from Squareroot Construction

Squareroot Construction has another suggestion in store for us, another perfect mid-sized backyard deck setup that comes with railings to limit and protect the enclosed space. The setup features a top and bottom wood rails and metal balusters that complete one another to offer a classical approach to deck railing.

Image from Prideaux Design

Prideaux Design brings us the first horizontal deck railing suggestion for today is what appears to be a very cozy Phoenix-based deck. Made from a combination of wood and metal, this railing works really well with a cozy setup that allows homeowners to enjoy the view and the heat coming from the fire pit.

Image from Great Lakes Metal Fabrication

Great Lakes Metal Fabrication suggests another option for horizontal deck railing, this time with a construction that’s made entirely out of metal bars. It is a modest and discreet approach to more imposing railing options, offering a black coating that blends in really well with multiple patio decorations

 Image from Ignacio Salas-Humara Architect LLC

The last idea we wanted to give you has been delivered by Ignacio Salas-Humara Architect LLC and consists of a wooden deck and railing made from cedar lumber and galvanized wire panels to swerve as inserts.

DIY Deck Railing Ideas

Of course, every homeowner that’s a little handy and has some free time on their hands can choose to make their own deck railings. If you are one of those homeowners, we have a few suggestions in store for you, which are tutorials that will show you how to make your own deck railing system.

The Zhush is here with a variety of tips that will teach you how to rail and decorate your porch, combining a variety of items that create a cozy ambiance for everyone who just loves to drink their coffee outdoors. Scrolling through the post, you will notice the choice of Chippendale railings that create a playful geometric pattern that matches the large white columns.

Home Talk is here to show you that you can rarely go wrong if you choose to pair your railing with a privacy screen. The framed wood lattice that has been added to the railing is secured using back-placed support boards. As can choose to have hanging plants to add even further privacy and a more natural look to the screen.

Forsythia Hill wants to give you yet another idea on how to use a lattice panel to create amazing deck railing with minimal effort. You can choose to make these from scratch or buy ready-made screens that can serve as railing panels.

Newly Woodwards suggests using a simple natural wood railing system that looks clean and even dreamy, I might add. It is a budget-oriented solution that teaches you how to build rails using just three boards.

This Instructables tutorial offers a step-by-step comprehensive list of instructions that will stitch you how to make deck rails out of steel conduit. It is yet another inexpensive approach that suits everyone who is a little handy with drills and angle grinders.

Best Deck Railings

6 ft. Clearview Level Deck Rail Kit

Our first suggestion for today is a kit that includes three rails, one cap rails, and two rail hanger brackets that include 24 screws. Made from cedar wood, this entire assembly adds aesthetic value to your porch and comes pre-drilled for better installation convenience. The glass panels that you see in the picture are not delivered with your purchase.

Traditional Brown Treated Deck Railing Kit

Our next suggestion is one of those deck railing kits that delivers everything you need between the posts to create a beautiful and vintage-looking railing section. It comes with powder-coated balusters which are rot-resistant and require very little upkeep. They have been safety assured to give you peace of mind in knowing you’re buying products that meet the national building code requirements. The rails are pre-drilled to make it easier to install them.

W Tuscany Cedar Straight Deck Railing Kit

Another one of the best deck railing kits that contains pieces made of quality cedar wood is this one right here. It comes with two trimmed rails, one cap rail, 15 balusters made from metal with a powder-coated finish, two rail hanger brackets, one accent lock bar, and 24 screws. The attractive design is suitable from multitude of different porch styles. The installation process is pretty simple, especially thanks to the pre-drilled rails. This residential decking kit comes delivered in a convenient package.

Clearview Glass Balusters

If the first product we’ve started today’s series of reviews with was a gorgeous deck railing kit that didn’t include the glass panels and you were left wishing you had those too, here they are! This is a set that comes with seven glass panels that are compatible with the pre-drilled rails we first tables about, thus completing the kit so that you can benefit from a beautiful set that manages to make every porch look stunning. The tempered glass panels are weather-resistant and available in two different height options: 26 and 36 inches.

W Traditional Green Treated Deck Wood Stair Railing

Made from fir and spruce, our next deck railing kit suggestion comes with everything needed to create the railing system between two posts. The kit includes two rails, one cap rail, two rail hanger brackets, 24 screws, and 12 metal balusters with powder-coating. As always, the rails have been pre-drilled for easiest installation. The advantage of this set is that it includes both the rails and the panel, offering you a complete kit that’s weather-resistant and comes with a smooth sanded finish.

Beaumont Metal Stair Railing

Next up, we have a suggestion that implies buying a metal railing deck kit. The set includes a top and a bottom rail, four brackets, and spindles. If you want the posts, you will have to purchase them separately. You have multiple size options to choose from, with variable heights and widths. This durable railing option has a very discreet appeal to it, making it perfect for home with a classic look. Made from aluminum, these pieces are weather-resistant and can surely withstand the test of time even when exposed to harsh conditions.

W Heavy Duty Deck Netting

If it’s netting you’re after, can we offer the following suggestion? It’s the perfect addition to a porch where kids and pets tend to stick their arms or paws through the rails, offering a construction that’s seven times thicker compared to other types of deck nets. You will receive a 180-inch netting roll, but the package doesn’t include the panel, fence posts, brackets, and caps. It’s made from vinyl and has a transparent construction that still allows you to see what’s going on on the other side of the deck.

Heavy Duty Sefton Vinyl Straight Railing

Are you a fan of white railing? Is your home decorated in a coastal theme? Then you have to check out this deck railing kit. It complies with the international residential codes and tested according to the industry standards. Every one of these kits includes two horizontal rails, 10 pickets, and four mounting brackets. Made from vinyl, this is one of those easy-to-care-for solutions. If you’re the least bit worried about the durability, don’t be. Even if this kit has full-on plastic construction, it is weather-resistant and keeps corrosion and stains at a distance.

Woof Porch and Stair Railings

With another attractive and innovative design, we bring you one more Vista Railing Systems Inc deck railing kit that’s super easy to install and includes quality components, as we’re used to seeing from this particular manufacturer. The kit comes with the two rails, the cap rail, 15 metal balusters with powder-coating, two hanger brackets, and 24 screws. The kit can also be used to make a stair rail, but it does require angle adaptors, which are sold separately.

W Somerset Brown Treated Level Railing

Another useful railing kit is this one right here, delivering everything that’s needed to make your own rails, except for the fence posts. Made from pine, this kit comes with pre-drilled rails that make installation a breeze. The metal balusters have been powder-coated in order to ensure more resistance and a longer lifespan overall. The required brackets and matching screws are also available with the purchase. Because of the treatment, the wood has a natural finish, making this set ideal for rustic-style porches.

Bottom Line

Choosing to have deck railing is a great idea for so many reasons. It gives your porch a more unified look, prevents children from falling off the elevated deck and, depending on the exact style of the railing, can also prevent your pets from running off and keeps them close to home. From plastic to metal, there are multiple material options for different kinds of deck railing kits, so the examples we’ve shown you today are bound to cover a wide array of tastes.

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