We all like to bring little mementos from the places we’ve visited. It’s a nice way to remember those experiences, even if the items themselves are not particularly special. It’s basically impossible to resist taking a few seashells back home when we’ve jus strolling along the beach, bathing in the sun and having a nice day enjoying this place. Next time you’re at the beach take a bit of sand as well so you can make a memory jar. It would look lovely on one of your shelves.

Beach-Inspired Memory Jar

Materials you’ll need for the memory jar:

How to craft the memory jar:

Step 1: Make sure you have everything ready

Gather all the materials and tools and make sure you have everything. If anything is missing your beach-inspired memory jar won’t be the same. Now would also be a good time to decide whether or not you want to add a few special things to your jar, like perhaps some sea glass or something else you might have found on the beach. 

Step 2: Cover the bottom of the jar in twine

Make sure the mason jar is nice and clean before you do this. Decide how much of the bottom portion you want to cover in twine and start from the top layer. Add a thin line of glue, press the twine and let it stick. Then wrap it tightly around the jar, adding more glue bit by bit. Follow the shape of the jar until you reach the flat bottom. Cut off the excess twine and make sure the ends are glued nicely in place. 

By starting with the top layer you ensure that you get a straight line across the jar. Of course, imperfections are part of what makes any DIY project special and unique so don’t focus too much on the little mistakes. 

Step 3: Cover the mouth in twine as well

Once you’re done wrapping twine around the bottom section of the jar, do the same thing for the top. Cover the jar’s mouth in twine the same way, adding thin lines of glue and wrapping the twine tightly all around. 

This time it would be easier to start from the bottom just because you’ll have an easier time to position the twine and to then wrap it around and around. When you reach the top, complete the final layer and cut off the excess twine making sure the end is glued in place. 

Step 4: Pour in the sand

Now that the exterior of the jar is decorated with twine, you can start focusing on the interior. Start with the sand. Pour it in using the funnel and don’t add too much. You just want it to cover up the bottom and to create a surface for the shells to rest on so leave plenty of space for that as well. 

Step 5: Add the shells

After the sand is in place and you’re happy with it, it’s time to add the shells and any other beach-related ornaments you might want to use for this project. Try to group them together so that you can see bits of each and every one. Also, they should look somewhat interesting. 

Step 6: Make the “beach” ornament

Use the conical tongs to bend a piece of wire and to twist it so that in the end it says “beach”, all one word made from a single piece of wire. Start with the first letter and then transition into the next one and so on. Make sure the letter shapes are easily distinguishable but don’t worry if they’re not individually perfect. 

when you’re done with the final letter, cut off the excess wire in a spot that feels natural. 

Step 7: Make the little wire heart

This part is easier since it’s just a little heart that you need to make. Take a piece of wire and bend and twist it to make this cute shape and make sure to leave the ends longer. You’ll need a bit of extra wire for the following steps. 

Step 8: Connect the heart to the “beach” ornament

Take your little wire heart and attach it to the “beach” ornament somewhere in the center, between the “a” and the “c”. Twist the ends together so it stays in place. 

Step 9: Insert the wire ornament into the cork

The the conical tongs to punch a little hole into the center of the cork at the top. Then take your finished wire ornament and insert it in there. This is why you needed the heart to have this extra long piece of wire. You might need to trim it a bit if it’s too long. 

Step 10: Tie a pretty bow around the jar

Your beach-inspired memory jar is almost done. All that’s left to do is to take a bit of colored twine and to tie it around the mouth to make a pretty little bow. The black and white twisted pattern suits it well but you can use a different color or pattern if you want to. 

Voilà, your beautiful beach memory jar is complete. Display it proudly!

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