Have you ever considered using wood for more than just furniture or flooring? It’s such a versatile material and there are many great ways to take advantage of its natural warmth and beauty. A particularly interesting idea is to use wood to create an accent wall. Wood wall planks can help create a unique focal point and at the same time, they make rooms look and feel extra cozy. Not sure how to do that? Check out all these cool ideas that others had.

Use Wood Wall Planks to Create a Warm and Welcoming Home Environment


1. Use Shiplap to Create an Accent Wall

Installing wood wall planks is really a one-day project. It’s also an inexpensive one. You can use shiplap to create a super cozy-looking accent wall and after you’ve installed all the planks you can paint the wood to give it a whitewashed look. You can check out frontporchmercantile for more details and insight on the project.

2. Use Reclaimed Wood for your DIY Project

If your plan is to create a plank wall that adds character and warmth to your home, you might as well use reclaimed wood for your projects. It has history and it’s also inexpensive. Also, you can mix and match wood planks with various different color nuances or even different textures if you like the patchwork look. If you prefer something more uniform and simple that’s easy to obtain too. Have a look at the project featured on atcharlotteshouse for inspiration.

3. DIY Wood Planked Walls Tutorial

Obviously if you want to you can cover all the walls in a room with wood planks, not just one. That’s a fairly simple task when there are no obstacles in the way but walls with windows on them require a bit more attention, time and effort. The same goes for walls with irregular shapes such as those of attic rooms. Check out how great this makeover featured on thehouseofsmiths turned out in case you need a bit of reassurance that everything will go smoothly.

4. DIY Entryway Plank Wall

A wood plank wall can be a very nice touch for pretty much any room, including transitional spaces and even open, outdoor areas. The entryway is a particularly good candidate. It’s a space that you want to look cozy and welcoming and some reclaimed wood planks on a wall can help achieve that. There are also other ways in which this feature can be useful. For example, it’s easy to install hooks on wall planks and you even create a small shelf on which to display framed photos and other such items. These inspiring ideas come from a project we found on sawdustsisters.

5. Mixed Wood Wall

We mentioned earlier that it would be cool to use reclaimed pieces of wood with different finishes to create a patchwork-style accent wall so let’s check out a few projects built specifically around this idea. One of them comes from uncookiecutter. The materials and tools used include cheap wood paneling, stain in assorted colors, a saw and nails. This is a fairly simple and straight-forward project.

6. Easy DIY Pallet Wall

Used pallets are excellent sources of reclaimed wood boards which are just what a project such as the one featured on addicted2diy uses as a prime material. The pallets are broken down and the boards are glued onto the wall one by one starting from the top. If the colors on the boards don’t match that’s actually a good thing because this gives your wood wall planks more character.

7. DIY Distressed Plank Wall

We love the look of distressed wood and we’re aware that the right boards are not always easy to find. No worries though because you can actually replicate this look using paint. The technique is fairly simple and you can find all the details on shanty-2-chic. You can see here how the project turned out. The wood only covers the bottom half of the wall and that’s actually a pretty cool look.

8. DIY Faux Wood Plank Wall

Usually wood planks and shiplap are installed horizontally but that’s not necessarily a rule. You can just as well install the planks vertically if you’d rather put an emphasis on the height of a room. You can have a look at this project from tagandtibby to see how such a pattern looks on a wall with a pitched roofline.

9. Colorful Wood Wall Planks

If you like the idea of combining several different colors or nuances on your wood wall planks you can get that look by painting the planks not just by using reclaimed pieces or different types of wood. Check out this fresh color combo from lovelyetc. It’s a gorgeous look obtained with only three simple colors: grey, white and blue.

10. Herringbone Plank Wall

Both horizontal and vertical wood planks look great on accent walls but these two patterns aren’t the only options you have. In fact, there’s a whole array of other cool ones out there and a lot of inspiring ideas can come from flooring. Check out this herringbone plank wall from designertrapped. It’s not as easy to make as the examples we showed earlier but it’s definitely very interesting.

11. Stained Wood Wall

Joyfully Growing shows us how to make this stained wood wall project that adds a warm and rich texture to any room. It would look great in your bedroom behind the bed and is a simple way to create a huge change of appearance to any room. The project uses shiplap, which is inexpensive and upgrades the room without spending a fortune. At the end of the process, you apply the stain to create a rustic appearance to suit your home décor.

12. Thick Wood Wall

Thick wood creates a huge impact on this wall and would look great in any bedroom in your home. Project Nursery shares this idea for a child’s bedroom, which offers a fashionable home décor idea that can stay with your child as they grow up. This DIY project will probably take about four days to complete. It’s a bit of a challenge and requires quite a lot of hard work, but the final result is well worth it.

13. White Shiplap Wood Wall

House of Rose offers us this white shiplap wood wall DIY project, which is an easy and inexpensive way to decorate your bathroom. Adding wood wall planks to your home doesn’t mean you have to stick with the natural brown color of the wood. These white wood planks will look fantastic in any home and add some brightness to a small bathroom. This project recommends using plain plywood, as it’s cheaper but still looks almost the same as real shiplap.

14. DIY Wood Planked Wall Using Weathered Boards

If you don’t feel ready to go the whole way and add a full wood wall to your home, consider adding an accent wall around your television. Kenya Rae shows us how to make this fun project which adds a warm touch behind the television and above the fireplace in her home. It allows you to test out how you feel about wood-planked walls without committing to a full wall makeover. The weathered boards add a variety of textures and colors to this design, so you don’t have to worry about painting the project once it’s completed.

15. A Wood Plank Wall with a Floral Twist

For anyone looking for a unique way to decorate your nursery, you’ll love this floral design from Tracey’s Fancy. It’s perfect for a baby girl’s room and uses a very simple element to create the floral pattern – tissue paper! You could add any type of flowers or tissue paper to this design, but rosebuds look dainty and beautiful in this room. A hand sander is recommended to distress each tissue paper board, which gives it a rustic look and feel.

16. Modern Wood Accent Wall

Love Create Celebrate shares this wood accent wall that would look great in the entryway to your home. You’ll appreciate how simple this DIY project is, and it can fit into even the smallest space in your home. Of course, you can paint the wall any color you like, but we love this darker shade that’s used in these photos. The mirror on the wall provides a good contrast to the dark wall, adding some light to the entryway of this home.

17. An Inexpensive Wood Accent Wall

We love this wood accent wall from Thrifty Decor Chick, which shows you that you don’t need to spend a fortune to completely transform your home this year. We love the idea of putting this wall on your stairway or landing, but it could fit on any plain wall you have. It gives a cozy feel to what is usually an empty spot in your home.

18. RV Bedroom Wood Wall

For a unique addition to an RV bedroom, you’ll love this RV bedroom wood wall from Joyfully Growing. It makes a small space look even cozier and warmer and offers a modern yet rustic feel to your bedroom. Instead of using classic horizontal planks, this geometric design creates a fun addition to any home.

19. Bathroom Wood Wall Makeover

This Nest Is Blessed shows us how to make this incredible bathroom wood wall makeover, which costs under $150. You won’t believe how much it transforms a small bathroom space to create a modern and chic room. The instructions recommend starting with two cans of stain, in espresso and gray, to create the same results. You can then find variants on those colors to add more character to the wall and make some pieces of wood look more aged than others.

20. Fence Wood Wall

This fence wood wall from Dimples and Tangles creates a unique look and feel in comparison to some of the other projects on our list today. Even if your wood isn’t straight or level, you can work around it to create a rustic look. If you are struggling to work with your wood, consider flipping it around, and it will usually fit in okay. The wall was painted tan before starting to add the wood, which can minimize the appearance of gaps in the wood.

21. Reading Nook Wood Wall

How about adding a wood wall to your home to create a cozy reading nook? We couldn’t think of a better material for a reading nook, and it will quickly become your favorite place in your home. Gray House Studio shares their completed project, which is finished off with a reading bench and space to store your favorite books underneath. By cutting and staining the wood yourself, you can control exactly how it looks and create the perfect aesthetic for your home.

22. Wood Slat Wall

Instructables offers us this wood slat wall that’s ideal for any larger space in your home. You’ll stain the wood before starting the project, and it’s recommended you use a pre-stain wood conditioner to minimize blotchiness. By testing out different stains, you can see which would fit in best with the design of your home and the other walls in the room.

23. Faux Shiplap Wall for Your Laundry Room

No one will be able to tell the difference between real shiplap and faux shiplap thanks to this fantastic DIY project from Artsy Chicks Rule. It’s a lot cheaper than the real thing and honestly looks no different once it’s on your walls. This would look perfect in your laundry room, as suggested in this project, or in a bathroom. It creates a relaxed and beachy vibe in any home and will completely refresh any space you add it to.

24. DIY Wood Planked Accent Wall

Love & Renovations shows us how to make this DIY wood-planked accent wall that is ideal for placing behind a large bed in a master bedroom or guest room. You’ll love spending time in your bedroom after making this addition to your room, and it creates a cozy and rustic atmosphere for your home. It’s a lot easier to put together than it may look, and you can enhance the wooden look of your room by adding bedside cabinets or wooden artwork to your walls, as shown in these photos.

25. Add a Plywood Accent Wall to Your Home

Diva of DIY shares this huge home décor project which can completely transform the look and feel of your living room or stairway. They’ve used one of the biggest walls in their house and completely transformed the look and feel of the space. Plywood adds depth to the wall and looks like it’s literally about to jump out at you. This fun textured design is ideal for larger spaces and will make a fantastic backdrop for future dinner parties. The white color helps to make the space light and airy still, and you’ll find that it is a much better option for large spaces. If you are opting to use wood wall planks on a huge wall, try to keep the color nice and light to avoid darkening your whole home.

Adding a wood wall to your home is a fun and easy DIY project for any level of DIYer. You’ll find projects on our list today to fit any size home or room. Whitewood walls look great in bathrooms or laundry rooms and can completely transform a small space to give it a relaxed and beachy look. We love some of the statement walls in this list, which can give your home a complete makeover when added to your main living space. Even if you are living in an RV, a wood wall is still appropriate for your space. Remember, if it’s your first time adding wood wall planks to your home, you can always add an accent wall instead of going for a full wall to test it out first.

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