Ever noticed that bunk beds are used in such a diverse array of settings that includes children’s rooms but also ships, army garrisons, dormitories and even prison cells? It’s funny how we reduce the meaning of the term to only the pleasant things that create beautiful memories.

How to Choose a Bunk Bed

When you’re looking to buy a bunk bed, there is a list of features that demand your attention so that you can make the best purchase possible:

The weight capacity of a bunk bed is super important because you don’t want the top bunk to collapse, thus hurting both of your children in the process. Keep in mind that the weight capacity of a bed is calculated taking into consideration the weight of the mattress and the sleeper combined.

If you’re short on space, consider buying a bunk bed with storage options. A lot of these include drawers and shelves that could be used for putting away toys or fresh bed sheets.

The ease of assembly is important, especially if you are a single parent with no one to help you. Note that some manufacturers offer in-home assembly for a pre-established fee.

The bed has to meet a few certifications that state said product is safe to use. CPSC guidelines are important, but also look for products that are certified for residential or commercial use.

Always make note of the safety feature that a bunk bed is equipped with. This includes guardrails that prevent whoever is sleeping on the top bunk from rolling off the edge of the bed, closed ends, and also ladders that are properly fixed and don’t allow the child’s foot to slip when climbing.

Types of Bunk Beds

Bunk beds are divided into multiple categories, depending on their design details. The ones you are most likely to encounter include:

Materials Often Used

A bunk bed is usually made from one or more of the following four material categories:

Cool Bunk Bed Ideas

Bunk beds can be arranged in a variety of different configurations and you can have two or more beds stacked and combined in a way that makes sense for the room and the layout. This is a great example by Natasha Wallis Design of how you can make four beds in a single fairly small room without making it feel cluttered and tiny.

Another great combo is to have two bunk beds plus a pull-out mattress underneath the bottom one which adds a third sleeping spot for any friends that want to sleep over. A simple ladder gives access to the top bunk and the white frame matches the windows, the walls, ceiling and the overall design theme of the room. {found on natashawallis}.

Custom-built bunk beds can be designed to perfectly fit into a particular space which makes them even more space-efficient and practical. They’re great for small bedrooms where you can stick them in a corner and have them integrated into the space in a way that doesn’t interfere with the functionality and the room as a whole. Studio High Camp Home managed to make these bunk beds look really cozy.

Two stacked beds are great but what if you need more than that? Here’s a nice way in which you can incorporate 4 bunk beds into a room without taking up the entire floor space. They’re organized in sets of two and theyre adjacent to one another which creates a cozy sleeping area and leaves the rest of the room open for other activities. This is a design by Tab Associates.

Here’s another beautiful bedroom design which also takes full advantage of the space-efficiency bunk beds offer. Here the beds are placed against one of the walls and each enjoys its own private nook. The design is simple and modern with a hint of glamour and the soft pink nuance on the wall creates a lovely backdrop. Check out Suzanne Nichols Design Group for more inspiration.

In this mid-size kids’ bedroom Suzanne Nichols Design Group relied on simple and neutral colors to create a décor and an ambiance that feel inviting and comfortable but that also help the room appear spacious and bright. The bunk beds take up minimal space on the floor and contrast beautifully with the mustard-colored wall behind them.

Hazzard Twin Over Full Bunk Bed with Trundle and Shelves

It doesn’t take long to realize how practical and versatile bunk beds are and the next step from there is to check out a few models and see which one suits you best. There are plenty of options, like the Hazzard bed for example. It has a solid wood construction and a trundle that gives an extra space for a mattress in case it’s needed.

Jeremias Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed with Trundle and Drawers

The design of the Jeremias bunk bed is also quite simple but it has a more traditional vibe. The dark wood frame stands out and not just because of how it looks but also because it has a very clever and storage-efficient design. Instead of a ladder the bed has a small staircase on the side and there’s a set of three drawers built into them, ranging in size and shape.



Danville Twin Over Full Bunk Bed with Drawers

A similarly clever design is exhibited by the Danville twin over full bunk bed. It has a stylish and simple frame and a set of narrow stairs attached to it. The stairs have an open design on the side with three shelves that can be used for storage. It’s a simple and clever way of adding a bit of extra storage to a piece of furniture that’s ideal for small spaces.



Kemah Twin Bunk Bed

Simplicity and convenience define the Kemah twin bunk bed. It has a very small footprint and it doesn’t take up any more space than it absolutely has to. There’s no attached staircase and no extra storage on the sides. Access to the top bunk is done via a pair of built-in ladders from either side. The frame is made of solid wood and sits low on the floor which allows the top bed to also be positioned closer to the floor than usual.



Moorcroft Twin over Twin over Twin Bed Triple Bed

This is the Moorcroft twin over twin over twin bed. It’s a triple bunk that allows three separate beds to take up the floor space of just one. To maximize space-efficiency, the design is kept simple with slender ladders attached to the front on either side for access to the top and middle beds. The frame is available in four colors including white which is an ideal shade if you want to maintain an airy and spacious décor.



Aquilla Twin over Twin Low Loft Bed

Other designs, like that of the Aquilla twin over twin bunk bed focus a bit more on the fun side of things. Kids can climb up using a ladder in order to reach the top bunk and they come back down via a slide. It’s a super fun way to start each morning. The design as a whole is simple and modern. The frame is made of solid wood and the guardrails are detachable.



Tena Stairway Twin Over Full Bunk Bed with 6 Drawers

The Tena twin over full bunk bed has a total of 6 drawers incorporated into its design. Like all the other ones, it has a solid and sturdy frame made out of wood but the design is a bit different. In this case the drawers are deep and cleverly integrated into the stairs themselves as well as underneath the bottom bed. They have cutouts so they can be easily opened and closed without the need for additional hardware.



Twin Over Twin Bed With Drawers& Storages

The important of storage and its versatility are also emphasized by this particular bunk bed which has two beds positioned perpendicular to one another. That allows additional features to be integrated into the frame such as a chest of drawers on one side and a built-in desk on the other. This way you can fit two beds and a homework station in a very small area and have some extra room for other activities as well.



Here’s another version of the Tena bunk bed but this time with a twin over twin configuration. Like the other model, it has a staircase with built-in drawers and additionally it also features shelves on the side of the stairs. There’s more room for storage inside the large drawers underneath the bottom bed. The frame is made of solid Brazilian pine wood and comes wit four beautiful finish options including this lovely white nuance.

What makes this design special for us is the unusual way in which the beds are disposed on the frame
Suitable for modern and minimalist settings, this design is fresh, simple and chic.
Bunk beds for four are great space-savers, allowing the sleeping area to be contained in one small part of the room
The way the beds are organized can differ and a symmetrical design is not always the only option
There are certain hotels around the world that have rooms with bunk beds

This article focuses on cool bunk bed designs in general. It’s up to you to decide and imagine how they could be integrated in a variety of environments and settings. Whether they’re toddler bunk beds, loft beds with desks underneath, queen bunk beds or hide away beds, these designs find interesting ways to stand out.

Toddler bunk beds often feature staircases instead of ladders. This one also has built-in storage
Rustic bunk beds show the wood in all its glory and make the most of the natural appearance
To save even more space with bunk beds, some designs sit on a platform with storage underneath
Bunk beds are sometimes preferred in beach houses for their casual and simple look
To make them look even more casual, you can have hanging bunk beds
Because they occupy so little floor space, bunk beds are excellent for multi-purpose spaces
Although traditional by nature, these cool bunk beds could look great in any type of décor
The breezy, nautical theme makes it obvious that these bunk beds are part of a beach house
Similarly, bunk beds are wonderful options for mountain cabins as well
We really love how simple these rustic beds are and how they allow the décor to stay cohesive
Sometimes it’s not the actual beds that make a design interesting but the accessories

It’s hard to say what could make a bunk bed cool. This is such a relative term which could mean something different for each and every one of us. It’s why there’s such a large diversity of designs in our list. They range from simple to complex, from elegant to playful, from rustic to modern and so on. Each design is special in its own way and it’s not always the same detail that make it stand out for everyone.

We envision these wooden bunk beds as being part of a log cabin in the mountains
It’s possible to fit four or more bunk beds in one room without using up all the floor space
Both the beds and the ladder are built of wooden logs and they look charming
Bunk beds are also great for guest bedrooms, especially if there’s a way to hide them when not needed
These ones simply disappear and the room becomes a home office


What age is appropriate for a bunk bed?

Children should not be allowed to use a bunk bed when they have less than 6 years of age, especially not the top bunk.

Is there special bedding for bunk beds?

Since most bunk beds are available in a Twin or Full size, you can easily find matching bedding: just look for sets that are sold in Twin and Full sizes.

Which is better metal or wood bunk beds?

The best bunk beds are made from hardwood varieties, such as cherry or oak.

Is bunk bed safe for adults?

It depends. A bunk bed usually has a limited weight capacity, especially for the top bunk. If the top bed can support 250 pounds in weight, it could also accommodate an adult that weighs 130 pounds. Take note that the ladder must also be able to support the weight of the adult climbing to the top bunk.


Investing in a bunk bed is a good idea if you have children that share a bedroom and your floor space is limited. A bunk bed helps save a lot of space, and also comes with storage options and quality constructions that will be able to support the weight of your child while offering you drawers to store important items. 

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