Looking for a nice and simple DIY project to take on next?How about a lovely jewelry holder for some of your favorite earrings, rings and various other things? It’s quite small but it’s about the right size for the essentials to fit snugly inside. It also has a nice farmhouse-inspired design which makes it extra charming. 

farmhouse-style jewelry holder

Materials you’ll need for Farmhouse Style Jewelry Holder:

How to make the Farmhouse Style Jewelry Holder:

Step 1: Prepare all the necessary supplies

The base for this project is an empty tape roll. It’s nice because it has just the right shape and size for this project but you can replace it with something similar like a piece of cardboard tube for example. If you want this jewelry holder to be a bit bigger then look for a roll that has the right size. 

Step 2: Cut out the cork base

Take your tape roll and place it on top of the cork sheet, then outline it with a pencil and then cut out the circle. This will the base for your new jewelry holder and it will be glued on a bit later.

Step 3: Measure and cut a piece of burlap ribbon

You’ll need to glue burlap ribbon onto the tape roll both on the inside and the outside. Start with the interior and cut out a piece of burlap ribbon long enough to cover this section. 

Step 4: Glue the ribbon on the inside of the tape roll

Once you’ve cut the ribbon to the right size, go ahead and apply some hot glue to the inside of the tape roll, then position the ribbon and gently push it and smooth it out so it’s straight and doesn’t have any creases. 

Step 5: Glue the excess ribbon onto the edge

The ribbon is just a bit wider than the tape roll which is perfect because it leaves this excess part that you can glue onto the edge to cover it all up. You’ll probably need to make a few small cuts in order to get it to bend around the outside edge. 

Step 6: Glue more burlap ribbon around the outside

The next step is to cut out another piece of burlap ribbon and to glue it around the outside of the tape roll. Start with a thin line of hot glue and position the ribbon so it’s nice and secure. Then add more lines and attach the burlap ribbon so it’s all smooth and level. 

Cut out the excess ribbon so the ends overlap slightly and glue it securely in place. Then glue the edge all around the top just like you did with the other side. 

Step 7: Cut out a felt circle

Take the roll and place it on top of the felt, the use a pencil to mark a circle around the interior. Then cut out this felt circle and you’ll later use it to make a cushy bottom for your jewelry box. 

Step 8: Glue the cork base onto the roll

Decide which edge you want to be the bottom of your jewelry holder and apply glue all around, then press the cork circle on top making sure it’s centered. Your jewelry box now has a bottom. 

Step 9: Add the felt circle

Add a few little dabs of hot glue onto the felt circle that you’re prepared earlier and then press it onto the cork on the inside of the jewelry holder. It will create a nice and soft surface for the jewelry pieces to sit on. 

 Step 10: Cover the top in lace ribbon

For this part you’ll need lace ribbon and this one should be thin. Apply a thin line of glue on the top edge of the jewelry holder and then place the lace ribbon on top so it’s nice and centered. Apply it all the way around and cut off the excess. 

You should have enough lace ribbon to also go down a few milimeters so apply more hot glue to adhere the edges to the inside and the outside so they’re flush. 

Step 11: Add a line of lace ribbon around the bottom

Now you’ll need to add another layer of lace ribbon around the outside at the bottom. This part is easier because you’re working with a more flat surface. 

 Step 12: add the little bead decorations

This is the final step of the project and it involves adding the bead decorations around the outside of your new jewelry holder. You can skip this step if you want to but the beads add a nice touch to the design. Glue then one at a time in any pattern you like. 

Once all the beads are in place you’re all done. You now have a lovely farmhouse-style jewelry holder for all your favorite earrings, rings and so on. Keep it on your makeup table or on your nightstand so you get to use it every day. 

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