Choosing unconventional decor pieces might seem like a bald move, but there are some situations where you can’t go wrong with your choice. A hexagon shelf is a perfect example of that type of product, as it is available in both modern and traditional designs.

Amazing Hexagon Shelf Ideas

Created mostly for showcasing small items and knick-knack, a hexagon shelf is a product that adds personality to a room, so let’s check out some products that really managed to impress us.

How to Decorate a Hexagon Shelf

There are multiple ways for you to decorate a hexagon shelf, so let’s list a few ideas that will provide you with some inspiration:

Amazing Hexagon Shelf Ideas

Gilboa 3 Piece Hexagallery Wall Decor

This set of three hexagon shelves is an absolute gem if you’re into this kind of decoration. The honeycomb design can be used for a wide range of different items that you want to showcase. They are made from lightweight wood composite and come in a black finish that’s easy to match with a multitude of different decors. Every one of these three shelves is available in a different size: 12 inches x 10.5 inches, 8 inches x 9.5 inches and, 7 inches x 6.125 inches. All of them have a 5-inch depth.

Daigle 3 Piece Solid Wood Hexagon Floating Shelf

Another beautiful set of three hexagon shelves is this one right here. It comes with a closed design that includes a back panel to create a stunning visual effect which, if need be, could help conceal some wall imperfections. These floating shelves have different sizes and are made from paulownia wood and have a torched walnut finish that looks almost distressed.

Hexagon Accent Shelf

Measuring 22.5” H x 25.75” W x 6” D, this metal hexagon shelf is a beauty for a lot of different reasons. While the frame is designed from iron, the shelves are made from mango wood, with these two materials combining in an asymmetrical shelved honeycomb design. The three-tier structure is what won us over, with the uneven shelves allowing you to store items of different sizes. The ultra-minimalistic design is suitable with a bunch of different decor styles and could also be used in the kitchen.

Aaliyah 3 Piece Wall Shelf

Another suggestion that we have in store for you today is this three-piece set that features honeycomb shelves made from manufactured wood and available in an oak finish. The smallest of these measures 11.41” H x 13.38” D, the medium-sized one is 15.66” H x 18.11” D, and the largest one is 13.58” H x 15.75” D, all of them having a depth of 5.9”.

Kennesaw 5 Piece Hexagon Solid Wood Floating Shelf

Measuring 30.5” H x 30.5” W x 7” D, this hexagon shelf might be a little more unconventional compared to other models we’re going to show you today. It is designed with a metal frame and features solid wood shelves that offer the possibility of storing items of different sizes. The five-tier shelving system is perfect for rooms where you want to showcase all kinds of knick-knack or place small potted plants inside the available cubbies.

Jormunagand Hexagonal Wood and Metal Wall Shelf

The Jormunagand shelf is another product with an unconventional design. This transitional-style shield is constructed with a sturdy metal frame and has a mirror backing that lights up the room and creates the illusion of more available space. Instead of having a hexagonal frame that surrounds the structure, it has a frameless design with a trapezoidal wooden shelf. The entire construction measures 16.75” H x 6.75” W x 17” D.

Herman Hexagon Decorative Wall Shelf

With a beautiful shiny golden finish and an original design, this is yet another hexagon shelf that breaks the patterns to deliver more than just a shelf, but rather a statement. It is the perfect place to showcase your succulent or family vacation photos. The entire structure measures 24” H x 27” W x 5.25” D, and comes with shelves of three different sizes: 9.25” H x 10.5” W, 11.75” H x 12.5” W, and 10” H x 8.75” W.

Zuri Metal and Wood Three Tier Hexagon Wall Shelf

When you want to add more personality to a room, choosing a hexagon wall shelf is a great idea for a lot of reasons, but mostly because the unconventional design is something that you rarely get to see in other people’s houses. This model right here measures 21” H x 23.75” W x 5.75” D and is made with a metal frame in a gold finish, and wood accent shelves on the top, bottom, and in the center of the hexagon.

Matik Wall Shelf

With a more industrial design and imposing metal bars that create the outer shape of this hexagon, our next suggestion combines a metal and solid wood construction to form a two-tier shelf that can hold up to 10 pounds in weight. Measuring 31.5” H x 19.88” W x 7.87” D, this shelf is designed to add character to your living space, offering you a way to organize your stuff that you don’t get to see just in anybody’s house.

Maebry Wood 3 Piece Wall Shelf

For those of you that have a rustic-style decorated home, we present you with the following set of three hexagon shelves, ready to style your home in a traditional, yet somehow fashionable manner. The keyhole hangers located on the back of these shelves are concealed, rendering floating shelves that are beautiful. Installation is a breeze and each of the shelves has a different size, for a more stunning visual effect.

Aistrom 1 Piece Hexagon Wall Shelf

Coming in strong at 17” H x 5.25” W x 18.5” D, we have yet another shelf suggestion that gracefully combines a metal frame with a solid and manufactured wood shelf that adds appeal to a modern home. The parallel metal bars that make up the frame have a minimalist approach, offering a neat space for storing the belonging that you want to look at every time you step into the room.

Clyde Metal/Wood 2 Piece Wall Shelf

And speaking of minimalistic designs, we have another suggestion that fits that modern approach. This is a set of two shelves that combines a metal frame with a manufactured wood shelf located sight in the center. Each of the shelves has a different size, with the large one measuring 6.5″ x 17″ x 20″ and the smaller one measuring 6″ x 13.5″ x 15″.

Wehr 3 Piece Hexagon Pine Solid Wood Accent Shelf

Buying hexagon shelves in sets of three is always a good idea because you benefit from additional storage room and you can create playful designs when mounting them to the wall. Made entirely out of recycled wood, this eco-friendly set has a distressed look that fits rustic and traditional-style rooms, but could also work in something like a coastal or French cottage home decor.

Chertsey 3 Piece Accent Shelf

When it comes to modern designs and accent shelves that are appealing and easy to match, the Chertsey fits somewhere at the top of that list. It combines metal, manufactured wood, and glass, to create a stunning piece that measures 22” H x 26” W x 7” D. the shelf is designed with a durable finish and comes with three tiers that create an asymmetrical, yet very elegant look.


How do you install hexagon shelves?

Installing a hexagon shelf is a pretty simple process if you have the patience for it. You will have to measure the distance between the two points and the distance between the top and the bottom part of the shelf. Drilling the holes is usually done with a percussion drill. Then, insert the screws in the drilled holes and finish installing your shelf.

How do you make a hexagon shelf float?

A floating shelf is just like a regular shelf, except that the wall fixing is hidden in the shelf board and the mounting brackets are not seen. When you apply this knowledge to a hexagon shelf, it basically means that you have to make a regular shelf but mount it to conceal the screws/brackets.

Can you put up shelves without nails?

It is possible to hang a shelf without nails provided you are willing to use strong adhesive mounting strips that can hold as much weight as possible (this also depends on the weight of the shelf and how much weight to then plan to place on it).

How do you make a hexagon shelf?

Making a hexagon shelf is a bit more complicated than making an actual shelf as you are going to need some tools that not everyone has lying around the house (such as a circular saw). If you’re invested in knowing how to make a hexagonal shelf by yourself, Mr. Built It has a very good step-by-step video tutorial for you.

Bottom Line

Adding unconventional decor elements to your home is a great idea if you can mix and match style to avoid anything from looking out of place. With hexagon shelves, you have a modern approach and an additional storage space that allows you to showcase everything from plants and books to trinkets that represent you.

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