Looking for a fun and interesting way to add some summer vibes to your home? A DIY seashell picture frame would be a perfect project in that case. It’s easy to put together and it gives you an opportunity to use a few of the seashells and other things you’ve gathered from the beach because we all know it’s impossible to resist bringing some home. Here’s how this pretty seashell picture frame is put together:

Seashell Picture Frame

Materials you’ll need for this beach decor picture frame

DIY seashell picture frame step by step guide:

Step 1: Get all your supplies ready

This is an essential step for all DIY projects. It’s helpful to gather everything that you’re going to need in one place. At this moment you should also select which seashells you’ll want to use for this project. Pick a few bigger ones as well as a few smaller ones and try to visualize how they’ll look when clustered together onto the frame. 

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Step 2: Paint the frame

Use the turquoise acrylic paint and the paintbrush to give your plain picture frame a makeover. Paint the entire front surface as well as the edges so no empty spot can be seen from any angle. A single coat of paint should be enough but you can asses for yourself if any touch-ups needs to be made after that. 

Use a thin paintbrush that lets you go over these edges of the frame without making a mess. 

Step 3: Start gluing the shells onto the frame

Now that the frame is all painted and dry you can start adding the decorations. Before you permanently glue them on it would be helpful to play a bit with different ways to arrange and combine the shells. Start with the bigger ones and figure out the perfect configurations. Then glue them in place one by one.

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Decorate one of the corners first, then move on to the other corner and get the big shells in place. Mix and match and feel free to use other beach-themed decorations as well if you want to. 

Add a little singular shell in the bottom left corner to balance out the design. 

Step 4: Time to add the twine

The twine goes in the top right corner of the frame. You’ll need to cut it in several small pieces big enough to go from edge to edge. Measure and cut each section and start gluing them on beginning with the innermost and longest piece. 

Put a thin line of glue onto the frame and then press the twine piece on it, making sure it’s stretched and level. 

Add more pieces of twine parallel to this one. They’ll get shorter and shorter as you advance towards the corner of the frame. Four pieces should be enough for this. 

Add a bit more glue to the edges so the twine wraps around and is secured in place. Then cut off the excess. 

Do the same thing for the other side to get a nice and clean look all around. 

Step 5: Add more twine to make a net

Next you’ll need more pieces of twine which will be placed perpendicular to the existing ones. Measure and cut each one and glue each piece in place making sure the bottom end meets and lines up with the innermost line of twine already on the frame. 

Add more pieces of twine in the same way to create a grid-like pattern. It will end up looking like a fishing net which suits the beach-themed design of this frame. 

As before, add more glue to secure the twine in place along the edges of the frame and then cut off the excess twine. 

Press gently to make sure the ends stay in place. 

Step 6: Glue a few smaller shells onto the net

Take one or two more small seashells, add a bit of glue to the inside edges and place them on top of the twine net. They’ll add a nice layer of detail to this corner of the frame. 

Step 7: Add some pearls

The last step involves gluing a few pearls onto the frame. They add a chic touch to the design and they also go well with the theme since pearls are found in the ocean. You can use a combination of big and small pearls for this. 

Glue the pearls onto the frame one by one making sure not to add too much glue. Place them around and in between the seashells, to fill in some of the gaps and to draw more attention to these beautiful and unique decorations. 

When the last pearl is in place this project is all done and dusted. All that’s left is to put a picture inside this frame and to display it somewhere. 

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