KitchenAid is a brand well known for its household appliances large and small, so it’s no wonder it also has a popular line of grills for your outdoor kitchen. Experts say that outdoor kitchens are one of the most requested home upgrades in backyards across the country. So, why not have the same brand confidence in your outdoor appliances as you do indoors.

KitchenAid Grills

Before you choose a KitchenAid gas grill model for yourself, there are a few things you should think about.

Do you want a built-in or freestanding model?

Part of this answer choice comes down to whether you want the grill to be moveable or installed as a permanent fixture. A built-in grill is ideal for an outdoor kitchen set-up, although a freestanding model can work as well.

Built-in grills are most commonly found in an outdoor kitchen arrangement. They typically take up less space than a freestanding model and once installed, many people feel they look more stylish. They have a compact design that may fit more easily into a yard or patio that has limited space and may feel too crowded with a full-size freestanding model. As a general rule, built-in grills are constructed with high-quality materials because they are set into a countertop and are meant to last. Finally, once the grill is installed, there’s no worry about moving it, especially if it’s connected to a natural gas line.

Freestanding gas grills also come in different sizes to accommodate your outdoor space and grilling needs. Typically, these have wheels or casters so that you can tip the grill and roll it to another part of the patio or deck, or into the garage for off-season storage. Many freestanding models include a storage cabinet underneath or at least a panel at the front to help hide the propane canister. Most of these grills also offer handy side shelves that may be able to be folded down when not in use. Others offer a side burner too.

Natural Gas or Propane?

When you choose a gas grill, it will be built for use with either natural gas or propane. Many propane models can be converted for use with a natural gas line too.

Natural gas is most often used with built-in grills because they are permanent anyway. Many people like the convenience of natural gas because it means never running out and not having to refill propane containers. Freestanding grills can also be connected to a natural gas line or converted to do so, but this work has to be done by a licensed professional. Also, make sure the model that you choose is able to be converted.

Propane grills are very popular because they don’t require any installation and they mean that a freestanding grill can be moved at will. The propane tanks can be refilled at some hardware stores or can be swapped for full tanks at big box stores, grocery stores and other select merchants. Propane models are also used in areas where natural gas is not available for whatever reason. You can find built-in gas grills that use propane, but, the design of your counter where it will be installed must take into account space for storing the propane tank underneath.

Pick a Size

Whatever style or fuel you choose, the next main consideration is what grill you need. The main feature to look at with regard to size is the grill’s available cooking area. If you pick a grill that’s too small to accommodate the volume of food you typically cook for your family or friends, you’ll be more often be frustrated than pleased.

A gas grill – not the small portable kind —  will typically around 400 to 500 square inches of primary cooking space. This is big enough to handle the cooking for an average size family and should work for small get-togethers too. People who entertain or have big families will want to consider models that offer up a larger cooking space that’s at least 600 square inches.

If you’re choosing a new grill to replace an existing built-in model, it’s critical to pay attention to the overall size because it has to fit into a space that has already been defined. If you’re crating your first outdoor kitchen, cooking will be most functional if your design includes some counter space on at least one side of the grill. Last but not least, consider is the weight of the built-in grill because the construction of the island has to support it safely.

How Many Burners do You Need?

Another critical question is how many burners a grill has, and this is true for any kind. The burners are what generates the heat for cooking so the BTU’s they create will determine how hot it can get. The number of burners also affects how much control you have over the temperature as well as how evenly it will heat the cooking grates. If there aren’t enough burners for the size of the cooking surface, there will likely be cold spots where the heat just doesn’t get high enough. Also, if you choose a big grill with multiple burners, it’s possible to just fire up a couple of them to cook a few items instead of heating up the whole thing.

What Extras Are Important?

Not surprisingly, the list of extra features that are available on gas grills is long, and fully tricked-out models will cost more than basic ones. It’s easy to be swayed by all the latest technology and bells and whistles, but you may not need or want them all. The limiting factor is your budget, so read up on them and decide which ones are most important for the way you like to cook. Some added features make cooking more fun while others are meant to make your grilling easy and error-free. From LED-lighted control knobs or integrated lighting to large, built-in external temperature gauges, many options may be included while others are available as separately purchased add-ons.

Ready to pick a grill?  These are the best KitchenAid grills and they run from affordable to high-end so there’s a model that works for just about anyone:

4-Burner Natural and Propane Gas Grill with Cabinet

Bring on the meat or complicated vegetable recipes, this 4-Burner Propane Gas Grill with Ceramic Searing Side Burner in Stainless Steel can handle the full range. Right from the start-up with a continuous electronic ignition system, it’s super simple to use. Turn on the gas, adjust the knobs and start cooking. The four burners in a porcelain firebox provide 40,000 BTUs of cooking power and the 522 square inches of cooking space on the heavy-duty stainless-steel grids has great heat retention. Angled flame tamers under the grid help cut down on flare-ups and vaporize the drippings for that quintessential barbeque flavor.

This four-burner model also features a 15,000 BTU ceramic searing side burner. This is a great bonus for searing, cooking sauces or sauteing up some accompaniments for your grilled meats. Even better, a built-in thermometer lets you monitor the temperature inside the grill for precise cooking. The cabinet underneath holds the propane tank, but if you want to have it converted to natural gas, it has a dual-energy gas valve to make it easier for the plumber. And, speaking of the cabinet, it has four casters with locking wheels that let you conveniently move the grill wherever you need, if you’re using propane. This grill will provide season after season of outdoor cooking enjoyment thanks to its rust-resistant stainless steel. Buyers say this model assembles easily, looks great and does an excellent job cooking.


  • Buyers love the lighting mechanism.
  • A quality grill at a great price, according to happy reviewers.
  • The ceramic searing side burner is a fabulous feature.


  • Some found assembly to be challenging.
  • A few byers had issues with missing parts.

4-Burner Built-In Liquid Propane Gas Grill

If you want great cooking power and a convenient size, this 4-Burner Built-In Liquid Propane Gas Grill from KitchenAid is good choice. It has four main burners and a rear rotisserie burner for the rotisserie kit you can purchase. Together, they put out 61,000 BTUs of heat, which you can monitor with the built-in thermometer to make sure it’s at your preferred cooking temperature. The grates are stainless steel, so they have the superb heat retention that you want and need for successful outdoor cooking.

This grill is easy to start with the continuous electronic ignition system. Turn on the gas, adjust the knobs and start cooking — that’s all it takes. Cook loads of food on the 581 square inches of cooking surface. Underneath, there are angled flame tamers that help reduce flare-ups and vaporize the drippings for that all-important barbeque flavor that everyone is searching for. This built-in grill comes nearly ready to install and requires just about 30 minutes of assembly before you can use it with propane. A natural gas conversion kit is included, so if you want to hook up the grill to a hard gas line, you have what your licensed plumber will need. Reviewers are thrilled with the way this KitchenAid grill cooks and how it looks far grander than they expected.


  • Buyers love the lighting mechanism.
  • A quality grill at a great price, according to happy reviewers.
  • The ceramic searing side burner is a fabulous feature.


  • Some found assembly to be challenging.
  • A few byers had issues with missing parts.

4-Burner Built-In Natural and Propane Gas Grill with Cabinet

This is a KitchenAid grill with some serious style. The 4-Burner Natural and Propane Gas Grill with Cabinet is done in stainless steel with a can’t-miss fire-engine red finish. Besides looking really good, its continuous electronic ignition system makes it easy to start and use right away. Inside the stylish grill, there are 522 square inches of stainless steel grid space for cooking. The four burners and porcelain firebox give you 40,000 main BTUs and fantastic heat retention for fast and consistent cooking. The hood has a built-in thermometer to help you maintain a precise cooking temperature.

Just as with the other models, this one has angled flame tamers that not only distribute heat evenly, but also help in preventing flare-ups. And, they help transform the food drippings into vapors that will infuse your food with that characteristic barbequed flavor. The right-hand shelf grill shelf includes a ceramic side burner that puts out 15,000 BTUs for searing meats and creating all kinds of side dishes and sauces. KitchenAid ships this grill ready to use with propane, but it also has a dual-energy gas valve for a licensed plumber to convert it to natural gas if you wish. The entire grill and cabinet sits atop locking casters so if you are using it with propane, it can be rolled wherever on the deck or patio you need it.


  • The searing side burner is a handy feature.
  • Two wheels are swiveling casters for easier movement.


  • The grill is not weather resistant.
  • Of the four burners, one is the side searing burner.

KitchenAid 36-Inch Built-In Natural Gas Grill With Searing Burner & Rear Burner 

Cooking for a crowd is easy with the KitchenAid 36-Inch Built-In Natural Gas Grill With Searing Burner & Rear Burner.  The massive 884 square inches of total cooking area can handle any meal or party food that you want to cook up. Inside the sleek stainless steel hood, you’ll find four 10,000 BTU stainless steel burners for the main 670 square inches, along with an infrared searing burner that puts out 18,000 BTUs to sear your best steaks perfectly. In the back of the grill, there’s also a rear infrared burner that lets you roast chicken and do other types of rotisserie style cooking. Add the secondary cooking areas and that’s a lot of cooking space!

KitchenAid grills feature a continuous electronic ignition as well as an Even-Heat System. This system has stainless steel burners, angled flame tamers, and enhanced grates, which together create a consistent cooking surface with minimal flare-ups. The lid of the grill is welded stainless steel and has a dual-wall that features a large temperature gauge on the exterior. While it comes ready to use with propane as the others do, KtichenAid grills have a dual-energy valve that includes natural gas orifices, so that a licensed plumber can hook it up for you. Buyers say that this grill is a fabulous value, the searing burner does as good a job with meats as higher-priced charcoal grills do and the whole thing is easy to use.


  • Searing burner is a popular added feature.
  • Huge total grilling area totaling 884 square inches.


  • Some buyers reported that the searing burner is so hot it destroyed the cooking grates.
  • Responsiveness of customer service on the issue was reported to be lacking.

KitchenAid 2-Burner Propane Gas Grill with Side Shelves

This KitchenAid propane grill is a fabulous choice for small spaces. It has all the durability of corrosion-resistant materials that you’d expect in a more compact size. Although it’s perfect for a small space, it’s also great for those who just don’t want a giant grill. There’s ample room for all kinds of food with the 457-square inch cooking area and the stainless steel-wrapped burners – along with the angled flame tamers – will ensure that your food cooks evenly without lots of flare-ups. Firing it up is easy too, thanks to the electronic ignition system.

With two burners, the heat output is a generous 26000 BTUs, which lets you heat the grill as high as 800 degrees. The main space-saving feature on this two-burner grill is the shelving, which is found on either side of the grill. Each one can fold down when not in use or for more compact storage. The shelving also has handy tool hooks that make it convenient to set aside your grilling tools. Partial assembly is required for this grill but with two people it’s easy and all you’ll need is a screwdriver.


  • Assembly is easy.
  • Reviewers praise the electronic ignition system and call it a great grill overall.


  • The grill is not weather resistant.
  • As with most grills, the cover is not included.

KitchenAid 5-Burner Propane Gas Grill with Side Burner

Definitely the Cadillac model of our selection, this five-burner propane gas grill from KitchenAid will definitely handle any size gathering you might have. With a whopping 1,057 sq. in. total cooking surface, you can easily grill up anything from a full family dinner to steaks for a crowd. The even-heat system with stainless steel burners outs out 91,000 BTUs of cooking power and the stainless steel burners, angled flame tamers and enhanced grates distribute heat consistently heat across the whole grill with a minimum of flare-ups. Plus, it starts with the touch of a button thanks to the electronic ignition.

As a high-end model, this grill offers up features that you won’t find in lower-priced models. First, there’s a ceramic infrared burner that has 16,000 BTUs of searing power and is ideal for steaks. Next, there’s a special ceramic rotisserie burner with 13,000 BTUs and a side burner at 12,000 BTUs. Together, this cooking system with 6 burners lets you cook everything your heart desires. There’s also a light for your after-dark grilling and another side table.


  • Buyers love this model and say that it has everything a person could possibly need for grilling.
  • The rotisserie is included.
  • This grill has only four- and five-star reviews.


  • It cannot be converted to natural gas.
  • It is the priciest choice on our list.

No matter which type of KitchenAid grill you choose, you can count on the value that the brand brings. What are you waiting for? Choose one and get to grilling!

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