A kitchen remodel is one of the most common and most effective home remodeling projects. Almost every guest will visit your kitchen and because there is more than just furniture in it, there’s a lot you can do with it.
Average Kitchen Remodel Cost

Kitchen Remodel Components

Not all kitchen remodels are created equal. But most of them have the same components or at least part of the same components. Here is a complete list of what you can add or change in a kitchen to upgrade it. 

Cabinetry is an important part of a kitchen. It takes up the largest area and may draw the eye in before anything else. If only one thing is changed in a kitchen, it’s usually the cabinets. Old cabinets are often very dated and noticeably so. 

New floors can make a big difference in the appearance of your kitchen. From tile to laminate, there are plenty of options. In an open concept home, kitchen floors often match the living room floor to give the house a nice flow. 

If you have upper cabinets, walls aren’t as important in a kitchen because they are covered. However, you can bring a kitchen down with distasteful walls. So, it’s more important to keep things mild here than to keep them interesting. 

A backsplash is more important than a wall because it is nicer, flashier, and is what truly makes a kitchen wall, a kitchen wall. You can add them behind the sink, oven, or around the entire kitchen wall above the lower cabinets. 

An island can make a kitchen look high-end without much effort. Most kitchens these days have islands. Some are standing islands without wheels and some are carts that can be moved around the kitchen easily. 

Countertops can be expensive but they make a huge difference in how nice your kitchen looks. Finding the right countertop is important. If you’re going to splurge, this is the time to do so because no one regrets nice countertops. 

If you’re a practical person, appliances are what you should look at first. They are also important if you spend a lot of time in the kitchen. The upgrades can be big or small, the choice is yours. You can also just upgrade one appliance. 

A different type of sink can really make a kitchen look fancy. There are apron sinks, built-in sinks, bowl sinks, and many other types of sinks. Even just getting a larger one can make you feel good about your choices. 

Lighting can make a huge difference in your kitchen, both day and night. It can be affected by the style of light fixtures you choose and the type of lighting you choose. The two are different things and both need to be considered. 

Average Kitchen Remodel Cost

The average cost for remodeling a kitchen isn’t as easy to figure as you might think. This is true for many averages. Because there will always be extreme highs and extreme lows that don’t always balance each other out.

However, the estimated average cost for a kitchen remodel can be broken down into components once again. 

Average Cabinetry Cost – $5000

Average kitchen cabinets are made of wood and cover about 10×10 kitchen or 100 sqft. These cabinets are usually made of particleboard or some other type of non-solid wood material. 

Average Floor Cost – $500

Since we’re talking about a 100sqft, the average floor cost for a kitchen is $500. This can be cheap tile, laminate, or even wood flooring. This doesn’t include installation costs, which we’ll talk about later. 

Average Wall Cost – $100

Repainting a kitchen is one of the best ways to upgrade the walls. Most kitchen walls aren’t redone any other way. When we move to the dining room, things change. But we’re talking about the kitchen right now. 

Average Backsplash Cost – $1000

The average backsplash cost is about $1000. This is for about a 15 sqft area. So if you only cover a small area, it could be less. That said, doing a full, tall backsplash will be more. Watch out for deals to save more money. 

Average Island Cost – $2000

A great island can be purchased for under $2000. It really depends on your style. You can buy a roll around for a good price or a custom one for a couple thousand. The price of this is entirely up to you.  

Average Countertops Cost – $2000

Kitchen counters have a wide range of materials and prices. The countertops alone cost about $50-$100 an sqft, with the higher number being closer to high-end cabinets. This is for quartz or granite countertops. 

Average Appliances Cost – $3000

When we talk appliances, we mean the fridge, dishwasher, stove/oven, and microwave. The average price for a fridge and oven are just under $1000. The prices for the others are significantly less. 

Average Sink Cost – $200

You can get a nice sink for $200, or $500 if you want a really nice, though still average sink. There is a wide range here and depends on if you want steel, ceramic, or something better. 

Average Lighting Cost – $300

Lighting isn’t as cheap as we’d like it to be, but for decent lighting for an entire kitchen, you’ll probably pay a couple hundred. If you change the lights out yourself, you can save money, but the lights alone won’t be cheap. 

Total Cost – $15,000 to $50,000

You can get by with a nice remodel for $15,000. But that’s lower than average. So the true average kitchen remodel cost is closer to $30,000. Cut back on any one component that is the least important to you to save.

High-End Kitchen Remodel Cost

High-end kitchens can be very expensive. You want the best of the best in every area and are willing to pay for it. Great! But it’s still nice to have an estimate before you get started. 

High-End Cabinetry Cost – $10,000

High-end cabinets are usually made of solid wood or even glass. They are custom made for you, to fit your space, and installed by a professional. They can be designed by you, cut, and colored to your specifications. 

High-End Floor Cost – $5000

If you get glass tile or nice hardwood floors, then you can expect to pay over $50 an sqft. It likely won’t be quite that much, but this is when you’re getting the best of the best. Flooring costs can really stack up! 

High-End Wall Cost – $1500

If you decide to add shiplap or some other higher-end wall, you can definitely pay over $1000. Especially if you put walls behind both the upper and lower cabinets. Still, walls are one of the cheapest kitchen components. 

High-End Backsplash Cost – $1500

Surprisingly enough, backsplashes don’t have as large of a range as you might think. You can get a nice backsplash, but most backsplashes are fairly nice at your average hardware store. This lets everyone have a high-end backsplash. 

High-End Kitchen Island Cost – $10,000

Here’s another thing you can really splurge on. You can get the ideal kitchen island custom built if you’re willing to pay. This is with the perfect top of the highest quality and the perfect storage space for your kitchen. 

High-End Countertops Cost – $8000

If you buy marble countertops, you will pay $150 to $200 an sq ft for high-end ones. You can also get custom countertops made that are even more expensive or work with what you can find for less.

High-End Appliances Cost – $7000

If you want the nicest appliances at the hardware store, you will pay at least double what you’d pay for the average pick. This is highly based on preference, and it’s even more if you choose to do a separate oven and stovetop. 

High-End Sink Cost – $1000

Even the highest-end sinks aren’t as expensive as you’d think. You can easily buy one for $1000 that’s nicer than any sink you’ve seen in a residential home. Spend more to get a custom stone or granite sinks. 

High-End Lighting Cost – $1000

Lighting can be expensive, yes. But it’s even more expensive when you don’t look at the prices. You can get amazing statement lighting for a kitchen for $1000, more or less, depending on your design style. 

Total Cost – $50,000 to over $100,000

There is no easy way to pinpoint a high-end kitchen cost. There is no limit to how much stuff can cost. This is just a general range for the average high-end kitchen. 

Cheap Kitchen Remodel Cost 

Everyone deserves a kitchen remodel, but not everyone can afford one. At least, not a full kitchen remodel. But there are ways to take each piece and upgrade it. 

Cheap Cabinetry Cost – $1500 

There are two ways to calculate this. The cost of cheap cabinets is somewhere between $800 and $2000. However, if you just want an upgrade, you can always opt for refinishing your cabinets, which will be closer to $500, or maybe less. 

Cheap Floor Cost – $100

Believe it or not, flooring can be one of the cheapest parts of your kitchen. You can shop around and find it for a dollar or less a square foot. If you really don’t mind, you can get linoleum which can be quite inexpensive. 

Cheap Wall Cost – $20

If you be careful, you can repaint your walls for next to nothing. All you need is one can of paint for most kitchens unless you have a larger kitchen without upper cabinets to cover any mistakes or missed spots. 

Cheap Backsplash Cost – $400

If you watch carefully for sales before you need a backsplash, you can get one for under $400. But if you go buy one today, you may spend $500 or more. The best way to save money is to buy when something goes on sale.

Cheap Kitchen Island Cost – $150

You can get a very cheap kitchen island if you’re willing to buy a roll-around cart that you use as an island. They come in a variety of sizes and are quite affordable. You can buy a unique color or paint it after you buy it. 

Cheap Countertops Cost – $500

You can really save on countertops if you buy laminate, especially on-sale laminate. This can cost $10 or less an sqft. The average is $500 total if you buy today. But keep an eye out and take your chances when you can. 

Cheap Appliances Cost – $1000

If you shop a bit, you can find a new set of appliances for under $1000. It won’t be easy as that’s the average price for an oven unit alone. But when you’re shopping on a budget, you can become a super-shopper. 

Cheap Sink Cost – $30

You can buy a really cheap kitchen sink almost anywhere that sells kitchen sinks. If you pay $100, you can buy something quite wonderful. But if you’re on a strict budget, $50 is a good top dollar. 

Cheap Lighting Cost – $50 

Lighting can be purchased for less, but if you want an upgrade, you’re going to have to pay for the upgrade. You can use regular light bulbs if you want, but more efficient light bulbs will be more. 

Total Cost – $2000 to $5000

If you’re careful with your money, you can save a ton on your kitchen remodel. If you bide your time, you can even have a kitchen remodel that looks average but is actually cheap!

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