If there’s one thing you can always count on when you’re in need of beautiful and original decoration it would be paper flowers. They’re so versatile and they’re something that you can craft yourself from scratch which makes each flower unique and special. You can use paper flowers to create some really beautiful and original wall decorations and we’re going to give you a few ideas to use as a source of inspiration in that regard. 

paper flower wall decor

These DIY tissue paper flowers are the perfect decorations for a backdrop wall. Something like this would look really cool if you’re planning a party with a refreshment table that needs a bit of character or if you’re looking an easy and original way to decorate a room for a special occasion. The flowers are big and full and can be made of tissue paper in all sorts of different colors. You can even use patterns in your design if you want. 

What a lovely way to welcome spring. This large floral word art is a lot of fun to make and gives you an opportunity to use faux flowers in a way that doesn’t look out of place in a modern home. You can make something like this for your entryway to fill out an empty space on the wall or you can customize the design so it suits your style more. You can find the tutorial for this project on clubcrafted

Just like you might do with real flowers, you can use tissue paper flowers to make a beautiful wreath which you can display somewhere in your home. Make a few different types of paper flowers of different colors and sizes and add a bunch of leaves as well for contrast. For the base of the wreath you can use some floral wire stems. This project is really rewarding once the design starts to take shape and all the different colors come together. Check out abeautifulmess to find out how the flowers are made. 

Giant paper flowers can also look really cool in certain contexts. Here for example a few of them were used as decorations for the backdrop wall to make this sitting area feel extra cozy and to give it a charming and bohemian look. The soft pastel colors go really well with the brick wall and with the colors of the bench and the pillows too. Check out ruffledblog to find out how to make these peonies yourself. 

If you want to you can also make paper flower wall decorations that look a bit more organized and classic. This one for example has a frame around it and everything. It’s up to you to pick a frame that you like in a size that suits your wall. Once you have it, go ahead and paint it and make a foam board back panel for it so you can attach all the different paper flowers to it later on. The flowers themselves take a bit of time to make but luckily you only need a few for this project. Check out pillarboxblue for more details about this project. 

If you’re looking for the kind of paper flower that can make a statement on a wall this giant dahlia could look really cool. It’s also really easy to make since the petals are each individual pieces of paper roll into cones of different sizes and colors. This could also look nice as a wreath. Check out the tutorial on countryhillcottage if you want more info on it. 

Paper flowers can also be made from more unusual supplies such as empty toilet paper rolls for example. You can cut the rolls into small pieces to make rings and then shape the rings so they look like flower petals. You can also paint them if you want to. Then arrange them and glue them together to make a flower wall decor like the one featured on diys. It’s one of the easiest and most inexpensive projects ever. 

Isn’t this a lovely combination of colors? The pink and the grey look beautiful together, creating a combination that’s both cute and very chic at the same time. This could make a lovely wall decor piece for a nursery room or a girl’s bedroom and you can check out the tutorial on youtube so see exactly how it’s made from start to finish. Of course, you can use different colors if you want to. 

Not sure how to prettify your workspace? Once again paper flowers can be the answer. You can make a bunch of paper roses in different sizes and similar colors and then arrange them in a big bouquet up on the wall, just behind your desk. This way you’ll have something pretty to look at when you’re working. You can also get the already made decoration from etsy if you want to save some time. 

Instead of using tissue paper or colored crafting paper a cool and interesting idea could be to repurpose some pages from an old book. You can use them to make a beautiful flower wall decoration which you can put inside a frame. The book pages would look nice in combination with a vintage or retro frame, like the one featured on diyncrafts. Of course, it’s up to you to pick a favorite style for this project. 

You should also consider making a beautiful paper flower wall decor for your bedroom. A perfect spot for that would be above the headboard since there’s usually not a lot you can use this space for. You could match the flowers to the rest of the room’s decor or take this opportunity to add new accent colors to the room. Either way, check out these beautiful flowers on littlebitsofhome if you want to find out more about this idea. 

Another lovely idea for an empty wall can be to turn it into a focal point by decorating it with lots of paper flowers. the flowers can be scattered around in a casual way or arranged in a pattern. This sort of wall would make a wonderful backdrop for beautiful pictures so consider this idea if you ever want to make a photo booth area for a party or some other event. You can find out all the details on lovelyindeed

If you like your paper roses to look very crisp then consider using colored cardstock instead of something soft like tissue paper for example. The flowers in this case would look something like this. You can make them using the template provided on printablecrush or you can improvise and come up with your own unique design. Combining colors can also be interesting and you can also use cardboard that has two different colors depending on which side you’re looking at. 

Speaking of paper roses that look very clean and crisp, check out these spiral ones featured on canarystreetcrafts. They actually made by cutting the paper into circles and then into spirals and they have a very modern look. Here several were combined to make a beautiful heart-shaped wall decoration. This would make a lovely project for Valentine’s Day. 

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