Building your own hot tub from scratch may sound like a crazy idea at first but when you start to think about what such a project would take, it’s not that crazy after all. It’s easier now than ever to build anything thanks to all the helpful tutorials that can be found online and the access we have to all the required materials, tools and equipment. With that in mind, let’s what a DIY hot tub involves and what your options are when it comes to this challenge. 

diy hot tub

Sometimes important that you need to take into consideration before thinking about design and anything else is the fuel type. If you’re living off the grid or if electricity is a limited resource, a wood-fired hot tub might be your best option. This cedar wood hot tub featured in a tutorial from instructables can give you an idea of how something like this is built. See how you can turn this into an affordable project and how you can overcome the challenges along the way. 

You can also build a hot tub out of well…an actual tub. This right here is also a wood-fueled hot tub and it’s placed in a beautiful garden, surrounded by lovely flowers, vegetation and a very serene view. The project starts with the foundation and the main materials needed for this project include things like sand, lime and cement as well as special bricks designed for ovens and waterproof and heat-resistant silicones. Everything is described in detail in this tutorial from instructables

Another great spot for a hot tub can be an outdoor deck or patio. The tub can be built into it, placed in a corner for added privacy and convenience like this one is. At the base of this design is a big metal tank which has been surrounded by a wooden frame. An outdoor fireplace was also needed in order to build this particular hot tub. You can find the complete list of supplies used as well as step-by-step instructions explaining the project on instructables

If you decide that your hot tub won’t be built into the deck and won’t be surrounded by a frame or anything else, the whole project becomes a lot easier and faster. Embracing the industrial look of the water tank is one way to go and could make sense in certain particular scenarios or decors. If you have all the necessary equipment and supplies ready, this whole project can be completed in just an hour. Check out this video tutorial by HomeMadeModern to find out more about it. 

Using wood for the hot tub is a nice idea because this gives it a very pleasant and inviting look compared to metal for example. The warmth of the wood and its texture and color create an immersive experience and are excellent for creating a spa-inspired design. Surround your hot tub with some greenery to create a wonderful oasis right there in your backyard. This video tutorial by Tools & Stuff is very detailed and explains everything you need to know about this project. 

Speaking of wooden DIY hot tubs, you could build one that’s inspired by a Japanese soaking tub. The advantage is it wouldn’t take up a lot of space and the design is nice and simple. This cedar tub featured in a tutorial from Nancy Quan Builds also has a really nice sitting platform inside. It’s super comfortable and relaxing to use and it fits nicely on the deck, even on a small one. 

Circular hot tubs, even though they look beautiful and fit in most types of decors, can be a bit more challenging to build. In that sense, it could be a bit easier to go with a different shape. Perhaps a hexagon or octagon-shaped hot tub would suit your style. The geometric design featured in this tutorial by Maple Fever has a modern flair to it and is also quite big, with plenty of space inside. 

This hot tub is built around a metal cage and it’s also quite small. The square shape is ideal if you want to place it in a corner to save some space. The wooden frame built around it is made out of pallet boards which is also a great way to save money with a project like this. In fact, as this tutorial by Chris Jamieson explains, you can build this entire hot tub for about £50. 

Here’s another nice and small hot tub which using a similar technique, using a metal cage container. You can check the video shared by The London Craftsman to see how it was built and to find out what materials it requires. It’s equipped with a filter pump, water heater and heated air bubble jets so it basically has everything. 

If you don’t mind the industrial look of metal tubs and containers then you might like to build a hot tub that looks something like this. It’s definitely easier since you can just have it all exposed with no frame around it or anything and you can even let some of the other elements exposed as well and fully embrace the industrial aesthetic. There’s a tutorial by ReviewOutdoorGear for this particular tub if you’d like more details. 

/here’s another hot tub made using a plain metal container and this one sits on a bunch of half logs which make a really nice base for it. The exposed pipes could of course be concealed if you’re not a fan of how they look, although they do suit the overall theme of the project. The combination of wood and metal is quite nice, suggesting a rustic-industrial aesthetic that you could definitely do a lot with. Check out the tutorial by NicHolistic for more details. 

As mentioned before, there are numerous ways in which you can simplify a DIY hot tub project to make it not just easier to build but also faster. You could have it all done in just a few hours which would make this an excellent weekend project. Also, if you use reclaimed materials you can save some money as well. Check out this video by Lulastic Hippyshake to see how this off-grid hot tub was built in just five hours. 

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